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June 01, 2014 in AshleyWoodQ&A




Below, you will find answerson such questions such as Popbot 7Bones upcoming release;Marvel Spiderman; some infoon INK virus in Adventure Kartel Universe; Transformers; MK2Berties in WWREVOL and much more.


接下来,本期的AW问答环节关键词:新七骨发售日期,Marvel蜘蛛侠,AK世界观的INK病毒,变形金刚,EVOL中的伯蒂MK2 。


Q: It was really very convenient when we gotonce, the announcement about a couple future sales more than a month prior orsort of regular pattern, when sales were announced with at least two weeksnotice. Lately it seems that only a short notice is given and as much, as Iwould love to support the sale, I don't have the money for it and it's incrediblytough to use my 3AA status. Maybe you could revert to the old practice or giveus pre-order dates ahead?
A: I know its tough but we really have noidea sometimes as in lately due us figuring out what figure can be made in whatwindow etc. I agree it must be a pain and have had talk to figure this out, youcan certainly believe if we had the exact info we would share it, we are not becoy or playing games as this effects our sales and your enjoyment. As anexperiment ill post Junes predicted sales, some might change but its at least aheads up.


Q: 如果能至少提前两周通知我们接下来要发售的玩具信息,对于我们玩家来说,那将是那将会很方便。最近3A貌似最多只是提供一些简单的发售预警。作为粉丝我很像支持每一次发售,但无奈荷包吃紧。。。有会员资格缺没钱购买是非常痛苦的 。没准你可以调整回旧的发售模式或者提前告诉我们发售日期。

A: 我清楚这感觉有多不爽(指因为玩家预算拨款出了问题买不到),但这里的确有很多未知数也是我们无法预料到,例如原模制作等环节。我也和其他人提到了这个问题,你要相信如果我们有准确的发售信息我们很乐意分享,我们不是那种含糊其辞或喜欢玩把鬼把戏的人(故意不透露信息指)因为这直接影响着我们的销量以及玩家的利益。作为试验(新尝试),我将会更新六月的预计发售产品。虽然这一切可能还会有变动,但起码是一种提醒方式。


Q: Any chance of getting a 1/1 scale tee of theWu/F-legion tee from the Panda set?
A: I would but sadly the shirts sell in verysmall numbers and kinda end up costing us. I don't really want to do the offerand see if its supported thing, and disappoint the people who ordered etc justbecause we didn't reach a goal. We have never not honored a sale in the last 6years, even when the haunt ordered failed to cover costs, and I think thats howwe will continue. I know I mentioned we might try the see what they ordersystem but after much thought Im sticking to the old way!

Q: 有没有机会可以获得真人可穿的帅哥吴和F-legion的体恤?

A: 我也很愿意制作这款体恤发售,但是很不幸,体恤的销量一般都不多,(我们)甚至亏本在运作。这次我不太想尝试去发售T恤,然后看看销量是否达到预期,也不想让订购了的朋友们失望仅仅因为我们没能完成销售指标。在过去的6年中, 即便有些发售没有达到预期的数量来保本保利,我们始终引以为豪对于每一款产品及每一次发售,我认为这是我们将会坚持下去的原则。我知道我说过我们或许会尝试新的订单制度,但经过深思熟虑后我们还是选择了我们3A的传统方式。



Q: Since JC only uses his hands for battle (noweapons) would it be possible on future releases to get a few differentpositioned hands (ala Bruce Lee-ish) for action posing and beat downs?
A: No more JC for at the foreseeable, but Ifhe does make another round I'm sure some new hands can be made!


Q: 因为JC(耶稣)仅用双手战斗(赤手空拳),是否有可能在未来提供更多的手型(类似李小龙风格的那种)来提高可玩性?

A: 不会再有JC发售在可预见的计划内,但如果JC再次发售我确定会配有新手型!


Q: Hey Ash, any word on when we might find outthe purpose of the Bamba points?
A: When we catch up with everything, as youknow we have never mentioned or promoted them , just a thing for the futurewhen we can do it right!


Q: 嘿Ash,什么时候我们才能知道包装盒上的Bamba积分(在去年发售的一系列产品包装和侧面可以找到Bambapoints)是做什么用的?

A: 当万事俱备的时候我会告诉你们的。就像你所见的,我们从来没有解释和推销过这些积分。等到正确的时间时,这积分才能派上用场!



Q: Is there a Dead Asto origin story (apartfrom the comic which we saw during the sale) or will there be one?
A: There is a story and origin he has to bekilled, but thats for another time, these stores are told via the toys andstory lines that grow with each release etc. Dead Astro has some interestinglinage!


Q: 骷髅宇航员是否有自己的故事(不是我们在发售日看到的漫画),或者未来将会推出自己的故事不?

A: 骷髅宇航员有属于自己的故事讲述的是他如何被杀死的,但这是以后才会提到的(以后的发售附带)。通过购买新玩具里附带的漫画,你会了解这些故事的脉络。骷髅宇航员可是有不少有趣的故事可讲的!



Q: I would love to see WWR, AK, and Popbot characters withdifferent skin tones to represent the rest of the people in the world. Nothingculture specific, but rather different skin tones other than just white, liketan and brown. I Would you consider for example a grunt with a brown skin tone,or a TQ with tan or brown skin? What do you say?
A: Making different colour skin for specific characters like a  brownor tan Grunt would be cool and does make sense in the scheme of a world widewar, but the TQ /TK are specific and their origins are pre deposed to lightskin and will stay as they are.  When applicable ill see what can do aboutchanging up skin colour, but I also don't want it to be a case of doing it forthe sake of it or shoe horning it in, there is no integrity in that, andtherefore no reason for me to do it!


Q: 我很愿意看到WWR, AK, 以及POPBOT里的人物有着不同的肤色。和文化背景无关,单纯聊肤色,推出类似晒黑的肤色(美黑)和棕色皮肤(尤指印度人和巴基斯坦人),仅有白种人太单一了。脑补一下WWR里的士兵有着棕色皮肤,或者一个美黑的TQ或者棕色皮肤的TQ。你觉得这想法如何?

A: 制作不同肤色的角色就像你上面所说的会非常酷,这么做也也讲得通在大范围的世界大战中(类似WWR世界观)。但是,TQ和TK就很特别了,角色是设定好的并且遵循他们的起源(例如TK是克隆人),会沿用浅色皮肤,并一直沿用下去。当有可行性的时候,我会看看调整肤色这件事儿,但是我不想刻意的去做这件事儿,因为这里面没什么完整性可谈,因此我也没有理由去改变他们的肤色。


Q: The UKTQ is coming along, when might we see another weatheredTQ?  Would also be good to see another loper soon?
A: Im sure some weathered TQ will rise from the dirt!


Q: 大不列颠TQ赶紧来吧,什么时候我们能见到下一款有做旧效果的TQ?会不会很快可以看另一款乱入TQ?

A: 我确定带做旧效果的TQ将会破土而出。



Q: Great to hear that Dr. Doom is close tofinal reveal and Ultron is almost done! Great to hear we are getting DCcharacter from threeA too! Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character and I wasjust wondering how is he coming along? And if there is anything about yourdesign you can share with us without spoiling the fun of the reveal?
A: Well there are two figures in the box forSpidey!


Q: 很高兴知道Dr. Doom离发售不远了,并且你的奥创也已经设计完成!也很高兴听到3A要制作DCcomics里的角色了!蜘蛛侠是我漫威角色里我的最爱,他以什么样的形式出现在我们面前?还有,在非剧透模式下,有什么可以透露给我们的吗?

A: 那个,小蜘蛛的包装盒里会有两只玩偶!



Q: In the description of Soot Panda Wu, it says"The ink virus has reached China!" Now is the ink virus the samething that let's the Mission Family change into Shadow mode? And if so is itsomething you get taught or is it an infection that happens to characters, doesone get the ink virus from contact with another that is infected? Does itchange the way they act? Are they aggressive and chaotic in shadow mode or dothey have control over their actions? And is the ink virus the curse Merdetalks about that affects his bloodline?
A: Well the INK virus or curse if you willgoes back to the start of the MISSION bloodline and ties into the Shadowfamily. The original Mission adventurer ( Morbid Mission) started out diggingin the tombs in Egypt, it went pear shaped from there.


Q: Soot Panda Wu(5月27日3AA版本的黑夜熊猫)的描述中说道:”油墨病毒已经蔓延到了中国!”是否就是这个油墨病毒让Mission家族有了影子形态?如果是这样,这是Mission家族自己习得的一种技能,还是纯粹因为被感染了这种病毒才变成了影子形态,角色是否是因为接触了携带病毒的其他人才会被感染的?这病毒会改变他们的行事方式吗?他们在影子形态下面是否会变得更具攻击性和不稳定,还是说他们完全可以收放自如?最后,Merde(托米爷爷)所说道的那个诅咒他整个家族的东西就是油墨病毒吗?

A: 如果要说病毒的起源或者Merde所说的诅咒,你可以追溯回Mission家族血缘的起源,以及他们和Shadow(影子)家族的关系。最初的起因是因为Mission家族的冒险家(MorbidMission)在埃及挖掘古墓,从开始就一发不可收拾了。



Q: What does the F in F-Legion stand for?
A: Fucked , as in -- they are fucked themoment they are made sent to war…



A: 意思是被耍(Fucked)了,因为,被送去战场的那一刻,他们就被玩(Fucked)儿了。


Q: Since you reveal that 3A will making Transformers toys, willit based by classic G1 or by movie version?
Q: 3A is making them, thats all Ill say for now!







Q: EVOL Square looks great! Do you plan toinsert sound effects? I want to hear Square's voice.
A: I want to do that, just not there with thequality I want in a small package. Hopefully one day I can release a talking, fuckI wanna make a real one and have patrol your house, thats where my thinking isat!

Q: EVOL的方块看起来太给力了!你有加入声音特效的打算吗?我想听小方块们的声音!

A: 我想过,但在小包装的前提下,加入生效达不到我的预期。 希望将来有一天我可以发售一块可以发声的小方块。该死的,我现在满脑子都是要做一款真正可以在房子里游荡的方块机器人!


Q: If you were going to make a soundtrack foreach of your IP's what bands or sounds would you use?
A: mmm shit, thats a question and half! illthink on that!


Q: 如果你要为你的每系列作品制作一张原声碟,你会使用什么样的乐队或者声音呢?



Q: I just ordered Bronze Edo, my first 1/6th TKfigure, and I am really excited to see it. Can you give us any back story onthe different EDOs? Different colors for different missions?
A: Bronze EDO are commanders, each colorreflects status and general mission status. The colour scheme is mainly for thehuman populations that they protect, when you see say a Bronze Edo you knowthat A, something is up, and B shit is covered and something is gonna get akicking!


Q: 我刚刚预定了一款青铜EDO,这是我的第一款1/6TK,很期待收到他!可以告诉我们不同配色的EDO有什么背景故事吗?不同的颜色是针对不同的任务吗?

A: 青铜色的EDO是指挥官,每一种颜色代表着不同的状态以及任务阶段的状态。这些配色主要是针对他们所保护的人类,当你看到青铜配色EDO,A 有事情发生了,以及B事情已经被掩盖了,而有些事将要被搞定了!之类的。



Q: I believe all of your supports are dying toknow when will 7 bones and TKLUB release will take the stand at Bambalandstore.Will you be able to share which month this might happen?
A: 7B Slicer as mentioned 7th june at Bamba!


Q: 我敢说你的粉丝都迫切想知道下一款7骨和下一款俱乐部TK什么时候发售?他们还是和以往一样在官网发售吗?你可以说一下是哪个月发售吗?

A: 像之前说的一样,6月7日在官网发售7B Slicer。

(春卷:新发售日期从AW所说的7号调整到了6月9号。新七骨已经命名Slicer YARO,即Slicer 野郎无赖,和之前发售的另一款Slicer BAKA组合到一起后,就是baka-yaro。。。上一只七骨配色的TK发售,还是2012年9月份的事情。 )


Q: You mentioned in previous Q&A that WWRfocus is 1/6th scale. Is this a (lack of) support issue (of the WWRp range), ora personal preference to develop the 1/6th range, and we'll see a catch uplater on down the line for the WWRp figures?
A: To be honest the 1/6th support drives theWWR line, WWRp is done as I like the size but does thane the same backing.


Q: 在之前的Q&A环节你提到WWR的重心将是1/6系列,这是因为WWRp缺乏支持者吗?还是你个人偏好去开发1/6比例?我们会看到你逐渐补完WWRp系列的角色吗?

A: 实话讲(AW开始 掏心窝子了),1/6的支持者一直在推动整个WWR发展。WWRp会暂时搁置尽管这个尺寸我也很喜欢。它需要土豪们像对1/6比例那样同样的支持(才能继续下去)。


Q: I know this is a long shot of a questionbut... Ash I just recently purchased and finished your complete book ZvR andabsolutely fell in love with Warbot have you considered making an EVOL versionof Warbot or it's still a chance to see him among WWR Berties MK2?
A: No Warbot really isn't a WWR character,kinda was just a meta crossover but very different worlds, if any Warbot is tobe made it wil be under the ZVR banner!


Q: 我知道这是一个大胆的问题!我刚刚读完了你的completebook ZVR(僵尸vs机器人漫画的一本合集),并且非常喜欢Warbot(双眼骷髅涂装的Bertie)。你有考虑过制作EVOL版本的Warbot吗,还是我们始终有机会看到它以Bertie MK2型WWR 1/6化的形态出现?

A: Warbot其实不是WWR里的角色,它其实是不同世界观下交叉融合的产物(ZVR xWWR)。如果有任何Warbot发售,那肯定是在ZVR系列的名下!


Q: Are Berties MK2 going to be WWR release orthey will be transformed into WWR EVOL MK 2.1?
A: No more WWR releases, all WWR EVOLreleases, as there are many MK2's on the battle field in the EVOL period itsonly apt!


Q: 伯蒂MK2将会1/6化发售,还是他们会转变成1/6EVOL MK2.1版本发售?

A: 不会再有WWR(1/6)版本的Bertie(伯蒂)MK2发售,取而代之的是EVOL版本的1/6化发售,在EVOL时期,战场上有很多Bertie MK2存在,所以这很合适。



Q: Do you have any news to share about Kozo andperhaps some news about Bamba version of Underverse Explorer?

A: News as in shipping? Well the masks beingremovable made it a longer production period, though its worked out reallywell, not too long !


Q: 有没有什么关于Kozo TK的信息分享,或者关于网店版本的Underverse Explorer(10期前的Q&A环节AW提到了这个UnderverseExplorer,即相同装备,不同配色的官网版双鼻TK)?

A: 类似什么时候发货的信息吗?制作那个可以拆卸的面具要花费长一些的工期,经管效果很不错,单丝不会再等太久了!

(春卷:只回答了Kozo TK,并没有回答网店版本。)



Q: Any idea when the first 3AGO's will go onsale at Bambalandstore?
A: June, I would say 3-4th week if all goeswell! I want them more than anyone!!!


Q: 3AGO系列大概什么时候发售?

A: 在六月,如果一切顺利大概是在第三或第四周!我比任何人都期待!!!



Q: Any info on SDCC-exclusive figure(s) thisyear?
A: Yup there are.


Q: 有没有任何今年的SDCC限定玩偶的信息?

A: 恩,今年SDCC会有限定玩偶。




Q: What happened to Shadow Merde? And if heabout to hit Bambalandstore, could you please announce the time beforehand?
A: ha, I I thought we had sold him… crap..mmm ok ill announce asap a sale date!


Q: 影子版本的托米爷爷接下来怎么了?如果网店准备发售,可以告诉我们日期吗?

A: ( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊!我以为我们已经发售过他了。。。好吧,我会通知你们的!

(14:ShadowMerde曾和Red Night JC同时在官网BLOG发布公告,曾经称都为Premade/预先制作的人偶,但是仅在4月发售了Red Night JC,为限时购买,并且将一般现货的发售周期1-2周延长为预定,Shadow Merde还没有下文。)


Q: Will Fighting JC ever have a disciple?
A: He has no time for such stuff, he isbusting heads, not talking about shit, cracking skulls and taking names yo! Thetime for talk and conjecture are long gone, action over words this time around!



A: 他没工夫招小弟,嚷着对手的名字然后开他瓢儿,JC杀红眼了就没工夫扯闲篇儿。对于现在的JC来说,行动比废话实际的多!


Q:  Besides Fighting JC, Tommy Mission,Bleak Mission, the Drown, Fat Drown Ankou Ex and Rehel, are there otherAdventure Kartel team members?
A: Yes…


Q: 除了战斗耶稣,托米,托米老爹,Drown(Ankou),胖ankou,摇滚僵尸外,还有其他的AK小队成员了吗?




Q: Would you ever consider doing a tributefigure to Jean Giraud / Moebius. Something like Arzach, Blueberry or MajorGrubert to name a few. I would love to see some of his characters come to lifeas a figures. Thanks for your time, hope your doing great!    
A: I have asked to do very similar typefigures with many people, the bummer is these toys are break even at best, andwhen said parties hear there isn't any big $$ they basically close the door inyour face… Contrary to most reports there isn't a goldmine in toys and if youaint doing it for love your gonna be a sad fucker! I would drove to make toysfor many Moebius stories  from Blueberry to Arzach!


Q: 是否曾考虑过为纪念尚·吉罗(即法国漫画已故大师莫比乌斯)出玩偶吗?类似从Arzach(一本集结了4个莫比乌斯的短片漫画集),Blueberry(莫比乌斯和让·米歇尔合作),或者MajorGrubert(另一他早期作品)挑选一些出来。我很乐意看到这些他笔下的角色被玩具实体化。谢谢你花时间看完这些,加油!

A: 类似这种类型的玩具我已尝试过和许多人合作,但不爽的是,这些纪念性的玩具最多只能够保本,当合作方知道这笔买卖赚不了不很多钱后,他们就会拒绝和你合作。。。和大多数报告相反,玩具领域并不是有很大暴利可图。如果你的出发动机不是单纯热爱他们,你注定会失败!我本人是很乐意玩具实体化诸多莫比乌斯笔下的角色!


Q: Question from Chinese fans here, would it bepossible to have translation of all Q&A in Chinese section of WO3A blog?
A: Would love to see something like that! Iagree, anyone want to do it ?



A: 很期待看到汉化版本!我同意,有没有谁想干这活儿?




Q: Do you / your kids have any pets beside Emma now? Do you goon the long walks with Emma, like on the beach or what's your favoriteactivity?
A: We have a few pets, dogs and cats, Beaches are tough for Emma asbeagles are a tad short and the sand blows up in their face, she enjoys a goodwalk n the park, tracking scents etc


Q: 你和你的孩子现在除了Emma以外有没有其他宠物?你会带着Emma散步吗,就像是在海滩散步,你有其他喜欢的其他活动呢?

A: 我们有几只宠物,阿猫阿狗。海滩对于像Emma这样的小猎狗来说并不有趣,因为他们腿很短,沙子扬起来会吹到他们的脸上。Emma更喜欢在公园散步和嗅东西等。

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