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August 31, 2014 in QandA



Welcome to the latest SundayQ&A with Ashley Wood and in this one: WWR bots (Dropcloth 1.5, BertiesMK2); new EDO and Lasstralander from Popbot; EVENFALL Strigoi; HALO;Marvel Doctor.Doom; Steel Age and much more!

欢迎来到最新一期Q&A问答环节。本期内容涉及到了WWR系列的DC1.5和BertiesMK2, POPBOT系列的新EDO和Lasstralander(载具),EVENFALL的吸血鬼,HALO系列,漫威的毁灭博士,Steel Age以及更多精彩内容! 

Before we proceed, here ishow you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting mevia mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread atofficial 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitterand your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each andevery questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all yourquestions and interest.


Q: Congratulations on 3AGOWave One! Do you have plans to make bots in 3AGO scale as well and what mightbe among 3AGO Wave Two, maybe AK?

A: I intend to fill 3AGOwith many characters from my own stable and the greater world of ideas, therewill be bots, of varying size. The 8” human is the yardstick, some will besmaller, some much bigger within that 8” scale! Wanka Square purchasers will havea chance to add a 3AGO bot to their collection!

Q: 恭喜第一波3AGO发售成功!有无计划把机器人放入到3AGO比例中来制作(即8寸化),第二波发售会有哪些角色?有AK系列角色吗?

A: 我的打算是3AGO系列里出各式各异的角色,有大有小,也会有机器人。8寸高的人是一个比例尺,有一些则会小于这个高度,有一些则会高于这个高度!先前发售的Wonka方块购买者(3月底发售的MK1方块8P套装的F5方块),则会有购买3AGO机器人的机会!


Q: How many Dropcloth 1.5colorways are going to be released in December, I hope it will be differentwaves with more sales in 2015?
A: have to wait and see,it's a balancing act between colors and figuring factory schedules!

Q: 多少种不同配色的DC 1.5U会在今年12月发售?我希望2014年会有更多更频繁的发售计划。



Q: What kind (or kinds) ofBerties MK2 will be released In December?
A: Well, as many as I can ofthe classics and some new!

Q:多少种1/6 Berties MK2会发售在12月?

A: ,我会致敬典的配色,然后再推出新配色!


Q: Is Automatic Hemingwaycalled Hemingway because Kafka was erased in Auto K, or is it because ofanother reason?
A: Have no idea what yourtalking about, Automatic Hemingway is just that...

Q: Automatic Hemingway(海明威)被称作海明威是因为卡夫卡在漫画的最后被抹去了存在(Kadoo:在漫画Automatic Kafka/卡夫卡的剧情里,卡夫卡与漫画的作者Joe Casey&Ashley Wood相见后,两位作者为了卡夫卡不再被其他作者创作,在漫画的末尾被抹去了存在)还是说有其他原因?

A: 那个,其吧,我不知道你在跟我扯什么。。。Automatic 海明威就是,那。。。(Ash你就承认把...


Q: With Master Chief andSpartan being next in line for the 1/6 Halo Line, what do you guys have plannednext? It's a huge franchise with a large number of people wanting productsfrom. Will you guys be doing an Elite anytime soon? A 1/6 Elite and Grunt wouldgo along very nicely with all the various Spartans you guys have released.

A: We are doing the Eliteand a quite a few more, we will announce some very cool HALO stuff soon!

Q:随着士官长和斯巴达战士(超级战士)被确定为接下来将要发售的光环(最后一战)系列的角色,你们还有什么新的计划打算吗?可发售产品多,需求大!Elite(星盟的一个种族Sangheili,游戏里被人类称为Elite精英)会在未来发售吗?1/6的Elite和Grunt (原名是Unggoy/咕噜人,一个体型大小为哈巴狗,以甲烷为生的外星种族,也被玩家称作小猪,两者都是游戏中星萌的角色)会和之前发售的斯巴达战士非常匹配!

A: 正在制作Elite(精英)有一些其他角色,我会在近期宣布一些非常酷的HALO角色!


Q: How many Dr. Doom variantsare you planning for the upcoming sale?
A: Two, and while im here,Doc DOOM has turned out great, we are very close to the reveal, couldn’t behappier!

Q: 毁灭博士会有多少种版本在接下来的发售里?

A: 2个版本。毁灭博士已非常接近最后的售了!不能再开心了!


Q: Are any of the futuresales releases mentioned on the blog in 1/12 scale or are they amongunmentioned surprises?

A: If they were 6” we wouldhave mentioned it , but yes 1/12th scale is getting some cool stuff very soonion the WWR world!



Q: Do you have any commentson where the Lasstralander is in the pipeline?   Or how about somenifty glider type craft that was shown with the 1/12 underverse pilots?
A: The Lasstralander isnt asimple craft and developing larger toys is super tough, do not want a lump ofplastic for ol lassy to ride, but a wonderful lasstralander for her to cruisein style in! This GHG craft would be great, but I think they might be better in1/6th...

Q: 请问会员礼宇航妞的载具(Lasstralander)筹备到什么阶段了?给1/12的GHG驾驶员(与海猴子一同发售的挂卡包装的1/12女性人偶们)配备个滑翔机类型的载具如何?

A: Lasstralander(女宇航员的载具)并不是一个简单设计,开发这种大尺寸玩具(具)一直是很困的一件事儿。我可不想随意做一大塑料就宇航去驾驶,她需要一个符合她高大上的载具!类似船一样的载具配上GHG驾驶员会效果很好,但是我觉得1/6的比例会更好…(PS:这真的是一个好主意吗?)


Q: This is so random. Butwhere do the figures go that get photographed for teasers? Do you have a singlefigure made for photographs and then it gets put into a case at the hatchery?Do you have an entire room filled with the firsts of every figure?

A: Actually they end upeverywhere, my studio, the 3A office an the factory, depending on whats neededwhere. I have many though… it would be crazy to think one day they might bedisplayed in a cool toy museum etc, but hey a guy can dream!

A: 上,些玩具去了各地方,例如我的工作室,或者工厂的3A工手里,主要取决于哪里需要些原型玩具。我其有很多原型玩具。。。如果有一天把这些玩具都展示在一个玩具博物馆里那太TM酷了!每个人都可以YY的权利!


Q: EDOs have become some ofmy favorite figures 3A has made to date. Are there plans for any more EDOs tobe released? Perhaps a clear one ala Paschaborg?
A: New EDO’s on the way, theidea of a small period where all TK have vanished is too cool for me, I want tofill out the ranks!

Q: 各种配色的EDO们逐渐变成我最爱的3A玩具。有没有发售更多EDO的计划?类似像机械Paschaborg(SDCC发售的透明女偶)一样的透明版本?

A: EDO正在制作中。TK在(故事里的)某个期突然消失的定是在是太了(即EDO的背景定),我想填补这情的空白!



Q: Any chance you will everreturn the the board? Join us for a WWR sale and drop intel like back in theday? Or are you ever here but hidden to see what in hand reactions are by theLegion to figures once they have shipped?

A: Im sure I will, I have afew accounts there.. you never know when ill turn up! Many fond memories of theF5 bar and the forum!

Q: 有没有回到论坛的打算?就像以前一样,和我们玩家一起侃侃WWR,再给我们透露些发售和新消息?还是说你其实一直在论坛里潜水,并看着我们的一举一动?

A: 我确定我会有朝一日回到论坛,其我在论坛有好多小号的。。。你永猜不到我什么候出来冒泡!在论坛的日子,还有F5 Bar(每逢有新品发售时论坛会临时开启的一个讨论串)有很多美妙的回


Q: Is there any plan to do aMorbid Mission figure? He sounds pretty fun!

A: Of course, sour adventureyo!

Q: 有没有发售Morbid Mission的计划?他的事迹可是很给力啊!(MorbidMission,即Tommy的先祖,喜欢埃及木乃伊陶罐的那位冒险家!请参考Shadow Merde的挂卡上的故事:


Q: I am very intrigued aboutupcoming Heavy TK Slicer sale, will there be TKLUB and non-TKLUB variants oryou can’t comment yet? 
A: Both...

Q: 我好奇重剑TK,他即会有TKLUB也会有非俱乐部版本吗,还是说你不确定啊?



Q: You mentioned Emperor TKin your last Q and A.  Please do tell us more.

A: He sits at the head ofthe table, the strongest and purest of the original linage..

Q: 你提到了皇帝TK在上一期Q&A,再介绍一下吧。

A: 坐在桌的正中,他是最壮的TK,也有最纯的TK血统。。。(PS:Ash少拼写了一个字母e)


Q: Can you explain what isthe underverse in Popbot? I'm thinking about Kozo and Nage and why only one ofthem has a mask.
A: Imagine the UNIVERSE isan ocean, well the top half of said ocean at least. this top half moves at aslow metered pace in one direction, the bottom half ( the underverse ) moveschaotically and has no rules of direction. Within these chaotic waters worldsand ideas travel and exist directions that the top could not...

Q: 能不能解释一下POPBOT故事中underverse这个设定?我正在思考为什么Kozo和Nage两人中只有一个人带着面具。(PS: Nage的包装上印有underverse sleeper)

A: UNIVERSE(即TK的世界)想象成一片汪洋。那么汪洋的上半部分正在有条不紊的运着,而下半部分(即underverse)却在紊乱的波动着,这股逆流就是underverse!(PS:类似寂静岭中的里世界和表世界,猜测有些TK可穿梭于两个世界。)


Q: Not so much a question,but a suggestion on making ThreeA a bit better, especially since changes werementioned for 2015.  For 2015, it would great if ThreeA implemented aproduction timeline on the website.  After a figure is mentioned, it couldbe added to the "Schedule".  Simple wording could be updated asneeded for each figure, which would help the customers understand where in thetimeline the figure they want or ordered is.  Have a set list of things sowe know how far along the item is:  Early Design, Final Design, On Sale,Order sent to Factory, In Production, In Paint, QC, Packaging, Shipping,etc.  Update items on an as warranted basis.  It would cut down a lotof wondering on our part, and probably help stop the same questions from beingasked over and over.

A: Well next year is goingto be very different the way we sell toys, and lots of these queries will notbe needed on lots of toys, but for some yes, i can see where that would bebeneficial and fully warrantel. I guess in short next year will have stricttimes on pre order toys, with complete refund whenmissed, and a more transparent outlay of info on the status of pre orders. Wefully realize the frustration that arises and have made large changes for thecoming year to hopefully make it a better experience. Of course change isnteasy but we have to try!

Q: 我提的其实不是什么问题(但是好长!!!),而是让3A做的更好的建议,特别是2015年你提到过会是很不同的一年!在明年,如果3A能在官网上列出一个产品制造的时间线,那对于我们玩家将会是非常非常棒的。具体的说,每一次一个新的玩具被提到后,3A可以在网站上给这个玩具加一个“进度表”。例如给玩具标上早期设计阶段,晚期设计阶段,发售中,工厂接受订单中,生产中,涂装中,质检,正在发货等进度。定期更新这些消息,会减少很多玩家的疑虑,也会让我们不再反复的询问产品的进度。

A: 在明年,我将会以与以往非常不同的方式来发售玩具,很多玩具将不会再给你带来这些疑问,但是对于一些玩具而言还是会有的。我可以预见到这种新发售模式对于玩家和我们来说,带来多少的帮助。我猜在明年,我们会更严格的遵循预定订单的时间表,如果没有遵循将会被全额退款。对于预约的商品的状态信息我们将更透明化。我们已经很清楚的认识到了在预定和发售玩具这块上我们面临的困难和处境,我们期待明年给顾客一个更好的购物体验。当然了,改变并不是那么容易,但是我们会努力!


Q: What should we lookforward to from 3A at NYCC this year?
A: Well we are making a conexclusive for IDW to sell, and will have 3A peeps there to help out. The bummeris its the time as the TAI PAI toy fair and we committed last year to thisevent!

Q: 今年的NYCC我们应该期待些什么呢?

A: 正在IDW制作限定品,在NYCC会展会有3A工帮助IDW售。但不愉快的是NYCC和台湾国玩具展(去年3A便参加了并且今年将继续参加)是在同一个时间行!


Q: Steel Age will be awesomefor sure( going to be a comics with it as well ?), wanted to know what is youplan on this, will you go first with the holy trinity?
A: Well the story is veryimportant with STEEL AGE, and I want to get some of the well loved out asap,but also the more obscure ones too! So far Im most pleased with my Green Arrow,always been a fan of the Adams Green Arrow from way back in the day.

Q: Steel Age肯定会大卖(会附赠漫画吗?),我想知道你的计划,你会先发售超人,蝙蝠侠和神奇女郎吗?

A: 哼,Steel Age的故事是很重要的。我也想尽快透露发售哪些角色,这样会从玩家那得到更多的支持,但这次不能先透露太多!目前,我最满意的是绿箭,我以前一直都是Adams版本绿箭的粉丝。


Q: I was wondering if we mayget another release of that WO3A magazine we had a little while ago? I lovedreading everything that was in it and had fun speculating with everyone on theteasers and stuff that were at the end.
A: Oh we are on it, but timeis a fucker and lots of the work falls to Brent who is flat out on other 3Athingys. It will happen soon, I think Brent created a great mag, I want asecond.. fuck I want a Magazine empire, if truth be told!

Q: 我好奇是否你们可以推出另一期WO3A杂志?我非常喜欢阅读杂志特别是和其他玩家猜测那些谍照和即将发售的产品。

A: 正在制作新的一期志,但是时间总是个大问题。现在Brent有很多其他任务事务要做(例如WBR的Mars)。新杂志很快会和大家见面,我认为Brent上一期做的非常好,我很期待新的一期。。该死的,事实上我想要建设一个杂志帝国!


Q: Is there anymoreinformation on the bothead that we’re supposed to be eligible for when webought Peppermint Grove?

A: Will offer soon, you willdog it, if you like bot heads!

Q:关于之前购买Peppermint Grove(薄荷姐姐,去年12月9日发售,AK系列绿发的女偶, 金海豚的姐姐)所获得的机头的购买资格,有没有关于这个更多的消息?

A: 会很快售,你会喜的,如果你们热爱机器人


Q: With mainstay DCcharacter figures on the horizon, I was wondering if you had an interest intackling the Vertigo universe, as well (Sandman, Constantine, Lucifer,Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Swamp Thing, etc. . . )? For instance, 1/6Constantine by 3A in your style would be incredible! any chance of that?

A: Well I dig all ofthem,  and yea I would jump at a Constantine! I would make Vertigo figuresall day long!

Q: 除了主流的DC漫画人物外(类似蝙蝠侠和超人),我好奇你有没有兴趣设计DC世界中的的成人向小众漫画角色,类似睡魔,康斯坦丁,路西法,传教士,变化大都市,以及沼泽怪物?假如3A推出你设计的1/6康斯坦丁,一定会很有意思!有无任何可能?

A: 对这些漫画都有爱,还有,没错,我会设计一款康斯坦丁!我很乐意设计这些角色!


Q: Handsome Wu has 8 Mercs,will they all be wearing Panda gear?
A: yea, all kinda differentthough..

Q: 吴英俊有8个雇佣兵,他们都穿着熊猫服吗?

A: 都穿着熊猫服,但式都不一样。


Q: I really loved theclassic little shadow look. I love the new ones too, but that mean look and CHUCKS were great! Will the new one be on with chucks or she’ll be onheels?
A: both and both.. I likeboth, the long hair, the bob hair, the heels, the chucks!

Q: 我很喜欢老款小影子,也喜欢现在的新设计和造型。特别是经典的帆布鞋!新的小影子还穿帆布鞋,还是穿着高跟鞋?



Q: 2000AD isn’t on thetentative sales list, will it be retail release or are they among non-mentionedsurprises?

A: Well as we have to work with Rebellion within theirscope ( its their baby )we cant just slap it on. They are lined up to startthis year! 




Q: Was really surprised tosee Archer TK in October, does it mean the beginning of end to TKs as we knowthem?

A: The mortis want that!


A: Mortis想要这样的!


Q: I am fairly new to 3A, isit a safe assumption that when we only have a date (September 1st for example)and time isn’t mentioned on the blog, that the sale will always start at 9:00AMHK time?

A: You are right, that isthe traditional time 9-00am HK time for the start of most sales. i guess weassume that its a known, our bad, we are not the most on it regarding thesales, but we try!

Q: 我还是个3A新人,问想问一下发售是不是一般都在9点开始?

A: 的没,我们习惯在香港时间9售大部分的品。我猜大家都了解我时间。不得不,有的时候是错,我们无法准时发售。我们会努力改进!


Q: With the recent reveal ofthe shipping boxes for Marquis/Sombre/Dead de Plume I was wondering if thosesketches you talked about would still be inserted into random boxes.
A: yes they are in theresomewhere… I want them back!

Q: 随着Marquis/Sombre/Dead(侯爵/暗影/死亡-夜光)de Plume的包装的更新,我好奇你还会把说好的插图随机放在他们的包装盒里吗?

A: 我把他塞到某些盒子中了…我想把他要回来!


Q: You mentioned that newskin for Lasstranaut slowed the whole process down, what was the biggestchallenge with Evenfall Strigoi? I am always curious about production andmanufacturing aspects, sort of like watching Discovery Channel – How it's made.
A: Well yes for Lass, forthe Strigoi its similar, the structure and skinning etc, the paint app as well,that dirty look aint that easy. Plus we added little details like names onsuits etc, every little change can hold stuff up.Im very fond of how theyturned out, im sure the few that ordered will dig them, will offer a newversion oneday as not many got these and its a shame. One of our best!

Q: 你提到了新包胶素体延缓了会员礼的生产速度,那制作Evenfall里吸血鬼宇航员时最大的挑战是是什么?我一直对生产和加工这些环节特别感兴趣!有一种看探索频道的感觉!

A: 包胶素体于会礼是一个很大的挑于吸血鬼宇航也是不小的挑有素体的构,表面,上色,做旧这些,都没有你们想像的容易。而且我们还要加很多细节和水印贴纸等在素体表面,这些都会延缓进度!我相信那些订了的玩家会喜爱这款玩具的(指Evenfall的吸血鬼宇航员)!我们还会推出新版本吸血鬼宇航员在将来,因为订了这款的玩家并不是很多,这是非常可惜的!这可是我们最棒的玩具之一噢!


Q: Do you ever have dreamsabout painting and wake up with the fully formed idea in your head?

A: I dream I paint well,then wake up…...

A: 我做梦梦见我画画,然后我就醒了。。。





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