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September 07, 2014 in QandA



Welcome to the latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood and if you are interested in World Of 3A, this session has a lot to offer: WWR Birdcage; WWRp 1/12th scale sets in the works; Destiny; some intel on Popbot Interlopers; World Best Robots Mars estimated price and much more!


Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

在我们开始之前,你可以通过邮件联系我(gimbat@threeAonline.com)来发送您原创的感兴趣的问题;或者通过3A的官方论坛的 Ask thread ,也可以Facebook的WorldOf3A Facebook page wall的官方页面,或者在Twitter上通过 @WorldOf3A ,在您提交问题之后,您的问题可能在之后得到回答(因为我们不可能回答每个问题)。谢谢您的关注。

Q: Could you please let us know a bit more about WBR transition to 3AGO scale? Does it mean that we might see huge WBR with 8" tall pilots one day?
A: They don’t have pilots, they are robots hence the name WBR!

Q: 说说3A打算如何把WBR转化到3AGO系列吧!你是想说有一天我们会有机会看到WBR机器人配备8寸的驾驶员吗?

A: WBR没有驾驶员,他们是纯粹的机器人,所以命名为WBR!

(WBR=World Best Robot,世界最佳机器人。)


Q: One question, regarding Square Cosplay figures. ..why not a jack-o-lantern style like a pumpkin? The face is there but the extra effort to true fans of Halloween would deff buy...I remember watching the original Halloween as a kid with the three masks...pre-michael meyers...that would be a murderous hallows drop!...a witch, skull and a pumpkin!
A: Pumpkins are cool!

Q: 一个小问题,既然有了Cosplay的方块妹,为什么不推出一些诡异的角色,类似南瓜人?电影Halloween(系列恐怖片,反派戴着一个惨白的塑料人皮面具)的铁杆粉丝绝对会掏钱买的如果3A设计这款玩具!我还依稀记得我小时候看这部系列电影,还有里面Michael Myers的面具(既反派,身上有必须杀掉和自己有血缘关系人的诅咒)。这将会是血雨腥风一般的发售,如果有女巫,骷髅兵还有南瓜人!

A: 南瓜人会非常酷!

(春哥: 可能会以Cosplay Pascha的形式恶搞一系列角色)

Q: On Johan's card it mentions he is from the Sheba Hills Gang. I was wondering if you ever plan to release more of the characters from this gang and are they all as delightfully retro as Johan?
A: Ha, good ol Sheba’s Hill Gang, well your in luck, the bots that feature in the FUCKING FAMILY COUP/ ON THE RUN TOMMY story are from that linage!

Q: 在Johan(粉色独眼带香蕉的Ankou,是小影子的教练)的挂卡包装是描述道他来自帮派Sheba Hills。我想知道你有没有计划推出更多的这个帮派的成员,还有这些成员都穿着的像Johan一样复古吗? 

A: 哈哈,这问题问的好,那些在FUCKING FAMILY COUP(emma小母狗,吴先生8熊猫等的系列都有这个标识)/ ON THE RUN TOMMY故事中的机器人就是来自帮派Sheba’s Hill的故事线!

Q: Can you divulge any information on future releases for WWR EVOL? Will there be more Deep Powder or winter style colorways for new bots? Itching for some new robots in 1/6th and 1/12th scales.
A: Well you will see soon, as the MK2 Bertie and Alberto will answer these questions, even the new BIRDCAGE SQUARE covers some of this. I don’t want to get too ahead of them with info, won’t be long though!

Q: 在今后的WWR EVOL故事中,还会有更多的Deep Powder(雪地配色的一种)或者冬日配色的机器人出现吗?迫切想要入更多的机器人(1/6和1/12的都想要)!

A: 你很快就会看见新的机器人发售,MK2的Bertie(伯蒂/药丸)Alberto会给你答案的,包括Birdcage Square(之前QA提到过的一种变种方块)。我不想剧透太多,请拭目以待!

Q: Please do tell us more about BIRDCAGE, is it Square variant from EVOL square or Mk1 Square..? Any background story for the BIRDCAGE? And of course, any pic (or at least, sketch)?  
A: Well its the latest all military square, not so cute, and last of the Rothchild Squares. Im very fond of it, has a ton of personality I think. Working on the release now, stay tuned, I might even give some blurries a go , but even blurred its trait will be obvious!

Q: 请介绍一下Birdcage(鸟笼)吧,它是EVOL中的方块变体,还是MK1的方块变体啊?有没有什么背景故事和大家分享,当然,照片也可以(草图速写也可以的,不挑食)! 

A: 它们是最先进的武装方块,没之前那么萌了,也是Rothchild的最后一块方块机器人。我非常喜欢它们,我想他们很有性格!我们正在忙着准备发售,请密切留意,我可能会发一些模糊的谍照,但是即便是谍照,Birdcage的特点也很明显!


Q: Was there ever an idea of producing a Snake from the Metal Gear Solid licenses?

A: Yup, well a Peacewalker/portable ops wood style one, still might to, do you guys want that?

Q: 有没有过想推出MGSSnake的打算过? 

A:当然,一款Peace Walker/和平行者/和平先驱,或者Portable Ops/掌上行动风格的Snake(既Big Boss,不是Solid Snake),到现在我也想过推出他们,你们有兴趣吗?

(春卷 : 和平行者和掌上行动都是PSP上发售的MGS系列游戏,Ashley Wood绘制了里面的数字版漫画)

Q: This been asked many times before, but I can't really help myself. Are there any updates on the WWR Weapons Pack?
A: Well I ask as much as you guys do, but no one sees it the same as us, I want it, but when everyone is stretched and I say hey, weapons pack yo, all I get is bins thrown at me!

Q: 这个问题被问过千百次了,但我还是控制不住自己!有没有什么关于WWR武器扩展包的新消息啊?

A: 这个,我也在狂问自己怎么还不推出!!但是好像大家和我们的意见不太一样,我想要,但是现在的状况是,当所有人都很忙的时候,如果我说“嘿,让我们来做武器包!”,最后结果就是大家都朝我扔垃圾箱。(我们都忙成狗了,别再添乱了!)

Q: Can you please deny or confirm the fear of a lot of people thinking 3AGO will grab attention of 1/12 or take it's place entirely in 3A lineup?
A: Denied, we have much 1/12th in the pipeline, like a special worldwide WWRp line in conduction with Goodsmile and Hobby Japan coming for the new year, new waves of String Divers and vehicles and working on the next AK Wave, I would say about the same as in the past, we base the releases on the response from you guys, if the demand is there we will release more!

Q: 请正面回答这个问题,随着3AGO的正式发售,现在很多玩家都在担心3A恐怕不会有太大的精力放在原先1/12的系列上,或者说3AGO彻底变成了3A的新重心(其他品牌线都会被搁置? 

A: 当然不是这样,我们有很多1/12的产品正在生产中,比如明年和GoodSmile(日本代理商奸笑舍)还有Hobby Japan(代理商)一起合作的WWRp新作,String Divers(之前发售的微缩小超人系列的驾驶员),新的载具,以及下一波AK系列。我还会向大家说同样的话,我们的计划是依据市场反响而制定的,如果有需求,我们就会生产更多!

Q: So Ash, my TK's need some practice with their sword skills.  Can we get a severed Bot Head set up on Bamba please? Maybe a couple different styles and sizes in one pack?  I think they would sell pretty well as I know my other 3A TK homies on the forum here would like to see this as well.
A: We will try, I think a vinyl downed robot could be killer, no just the head, the whole thing, can’t articulate but cool for TK posing!

Q: 嘿Ash,我的TK们想要练练剑术。可不可以在官网发售机器人头?或者发售一个包含不同款式和比例的机头大礼包?据我所知论坛里的其他玩家都很期待机头的发售,我猜这一定会大卖的!

A: 我们会试试看,我觉得发售一款被斩杀的机器人会非常非常酷。不仅仅是机器人头,而是整个机器人,它虽非可动,但是会很适合TK的摆拍!


Q: So excited about 12" tall severed bot head! What colorway will the bot head be? Which shape? Will they be wires coming out of it? (That would be awesome) I hope we will be able to pose it like on the sketch too!  

A: Kinda like the drawing, but better, movable eye etc, I might vary the colors, as I never said  what it would be, I’m pretty sure any colorway will be great! These kinda sales are what 3A is about, you support and trust us, we will do our best in return!

Q: 见到机器人头我非常兴奋(指刚刚发售的Heavy Duty Loper套装)!这款机头会是什么配色?什么形状?底部会有电线漏出吗(要是有点话就太给力了)?我希望可以像海报上那样摆放它!

A: 大感觉会像我所绘制的草图一样,但实物会更棒,因为机器人头配备了可动眼!我可能调整机头的配色,任何配色都会非常拉风!这种发售就是3A的风格(指F5),玩家支持并信任我们,我们便不会让大家失望!

Q: When the next volume of Popbot is released, can we please have a hardcover collected edition with the previous three volumes also included? It’s hard to get copies of Popbot comics on Amazon at a reasonable price. Speaking about books, anything you can share about Adventure Kartel book? Was excited to see that on your Instagram!
A: It all the AK stuff up till now plus new in a really big book, I’m proud of it, all in one spot you can really see the AK world and how its growing! Instagram is good, as its pictures, thats all Im good at, so it works well for me!

Q: 当发售新的POPBOT漫画的时候,可不可以发售一款硬皮典藏版,里面包含着之前所发售的三卷?现如今在亚马逊很难找到合适价位的POPBOT的漫画。说到漫画,有无关于Adventure Kartel 系列新书消息可以分享的?非常兴奋在Instagram上看到了你的AK新作!

A: AK 大合集已经准备就绪了,我非常自豪!合集涵盖了之前全部的漫画,这让你可以一次性更好的理解和体验AK漫画故事!insatgram挺好,因为这只有图和画,非常适合我!

Q: Just received my Graveyard Shift Bertie Mk2.5, what's the story behind BGP - are they a Gaistaz offshoot or their own faction?
A: Graveyard are a ROTHCHILD experimental division off shoot, now gone rogue after Rothy’s moon ousting. They are kinda crazy and have a huge hate for the NOM, they have taken it upon themselves to hunt them all down and hang their masks from trees!

Q: 刚刚收到我的夜班药丸Bertie MK2.5, 它们的背景故事是什么? 


Q: Is the Heavy Duty Loper a TK disguised as a Loper or an actual Loper disguised as a TK? Or am I confused?
A: Or was there ever a loper at all, not like the MORTIS said hey TK, we are making these grey TK looking chaps, are you fooled ? Make sense I hope! The image of the TK wiping his finger down his face implies under that exterior is skin, the marking is called an undersell by those in the know!

Q: 请问,Heavy Duty Loper是TK但假扮成乱入者?还是他其实是乱入者但假扮成了TK?还是说我想多了?(插图上,重剑TK的右手食指沿着右眼有一个下划的动作,提问者可能认为这是把迷彩擦掉漏出了本来的肤色,或者在画灰色迷彩的动作) 

A: 或者有没有真正的Loper,并不是像Mortis/莫迪斯说过的,「嗨TK,我们制作了一些灰色少年的(机器人)TK,你们被欺騙了嗎?」我希望这样能说的通!图上的TK用他的手指在脸上滑落,暗示在外表下是(真正的)皮肤,这个记号被那些知道内情的人称作暗魂(undersoul)。


(王叔:通俗点说,就是没有真正的Heavy Duty Loper/重装乱入TK,TK脸上涂了灰色,假装是莫迪斯制造出来混入TK种的机器人,其实真正被欺骗的人是莫迪斯自己!这类假乱入真TK被知情人称作暗魂)

Q: Whats the plans for next OSM sets? Did the second T.H.U.G suit and Squares did better than the first one? Really love them and want to see more sets!

A: Well to be frank, nor much support it seems, no one has ever really said "Ash love those models",  I do, want to make models of all my stuff, just seems you guys don’t want them :)

Q: 下一款OSM(One Sheet Model,拼装模型kit)套装是什么?1/35的T.H.U.G (EVENFALL的暴徒装甲)第2版和小方块卖的比第一款要好吗?我非常喜欢他们,期待更多的套装发售!

A: 实话实说,这系列产品貌似没有得到太多的支持。还没人说过喜欢这些模型!但我很喜欢,我想把我全部的设计都做成白膜,但你们好像不太买账:)


Q: Destiny is out next week, when are we going to see the first figures from it in your collab with Bungie?

A: Soon as we can, we want to show you soon, but when you see the main characters in the game, well imagine us making it !


A: 我们会尽快让玩偶问世,当你见到实际游戏里的主角时,请想象一下我们正在制作这款角色的玩偶!

Q: With Halloween less than a couple months away, will we get the opportunity to buy 1:12 versions of Charkin and Ghost Head/Milky Charkin? Can you please hint what is coming?

A: You guys want a milky 1/12th? Siu, lets make some!!! Well we are making a pre made thingy, and Il ltry and offer sumin else too, gotta love Halloween!

Q: 话说万圣节就要到了,我们会不会有机会见到1:12版本的Charkin(南瓜头)以及Ghost Head/Milky Charkin(白色GID南瓜头)?可不可以给我们一些暗示什么会发售?

A: 你们想要1/12的MILKY吗?Siu,咱们搞起来!!!我们会发售一些提前制作好的玩具,我们还会尝试发售一些其他新东西,你们会爱上万圣节的!

Q: Speaking about future HALO releases, please do ODST or a UNSC Marine! Are they in your plans?

A: If you guys support the line, il make them, these guys are extremely expensive to make, and when we offer them all the money has been spent on dev on moles, so we have to be cautious etc. I personally want a ODST!

Q: 谈到下一款HALO的发售,请发售ODST(地狱伞兵/人类的特种部队)或者UNSC军队(人类士兵)吧!这些都在你们的发售计划中吗?

A: 如果你们支持这个系列,我们会制作并发售他们的。开发这些Halo角色的前期投入是非常非常昂贵的,我们必须要谨慎考虑是否去研发并销售他们。个人来讲,我也期待ODST!

Q: Please give us Lore figures! Kachinas, Willow Box, Mercenaries, and especially a Lantern Jack! What do we have to do, to make that happen? 

A: Best Question, I guess why aren’t we, eel we are working on a few, guess I need help!..gah or time will end before I get around to stuff…

Q: 请给我们Lore中角色的玩具!(Lore是一部之前Ash和TP的漫画,其中有一些奇幻生物),Kachinas(印第安神话里面的一种木雕的精灵),Willow Box(柳条箱),Mercenaries(雇佣兵),特别是Lantren Jack(南瓜杰克)!我们要如何做,你才会让这一切发生呢?

A: 好问题,为什么不呢。目前我们正在制作着一些,但我需要帮助!gah,在还有时间的情况下,我得赶紧去做这件事儿……

Q: Is it going to be a weathered version of the upcoming 10" Little Shadow? I'm looking forward for her since you first told about her. My favorite 3A character!

A: Yes, all the old and new! Was looking at the Beijing mega set, the saturday set thingy today, wanna do that again!

Q: 接下来的10寸小影子会是做旧版本的吗?自从你提到了她之后,我一直在期待她的发售!她是我最爱的3A角色!

A: 是的,从始至终全部的小影子(都将发售10寸的版本?)!我翻出了当年的北京聚会的4P套装,想把这款小影子也在做一次!

Q: After seeing Driven Snow, I been thinking, what are the chances to see whiteout Fighting Jesus or Tommie?
A: JC can never be that clean, but he would look super like that FAKE CLEAN JC, Tommy is too EMO to wear white, but there others with the whitey virus… Its funny I kinda went ahead and made a small run as I wanted one, now there seems much interest in it, you can never tell what people are gonna dig! 

Q: 看完Driven Snow(雪白薄荷姐姐)后,我在想,有没有机会看到白化的JC和托米?

A: JC可不会这么干净利索,他会有一个看起来非常像干净的冒牌JC版本,而Tommy他太EMO(...)而不能穿白色;但是其他角色会有白化病毒版本哦。。。其实我曾想过只做一小波白化版本的角色因为我想尝尝鲜,但现在这白化版本好像很受大家关注,你永远不知道大家会喜欢什么!

Q: Will EMGY Bertie MK2 or HKV exclusives like Hatchery Guard colorways be available in the upcoming Bertie sale? Will the Berties be equipped with handguns or gatling guns?

A: Both guns, and as many colorways as I can get away with!

Q: 在接下来的Bertie MK2发售中,会有EMGY 和孵化场守卫配色吗?Bertie会配备手枪还是加特林机关枪?

A: 这两种枪都会有,会发售尽可能最多的配色供大家选择! 

Q: Does Rothchild listen to music when he watches his children kill through the monitors? Any heavy electronic stuff like dub-step?
A: He listens, the world talks.

Q: 当Rothchild(洛查博士)通过监视器看他的孩子们(机器人们)杀戮时,他听音乐吗?像dub-step(回响贝斯)这样的重电子音乐他喜欢吗?

A: 他倾听着,而世界诉说着。

Q: Is there any update on your possible involvement with Iron Giant? It would be cool to put a Deep-Powder color way on him in reference to the end of the movie.

A: Well we tried, and were told its all taken, as in the licenses, bummer but there you go!

Q: 有无任何关于你可能会合作的Iron Giant(一个非常感人的动画片里的巨型机器人,已实体化并在今年SDCC上露面,是由Bigshot Toyworks进行制作的)的更新,如果有雪地配色(呼应电影最后的场景)的话那实在太酷了!

A: 嗯,我们试过了各种配色,这些也都可取。但关于产品的版权这东西你懂的,就这样吧!

Q: Can't wait for Worlds Best Robots release here, can you please share any estimates on Mars price?
A: Under 250, I want it under 240, 230 would deb best, thats a lotta bot for 230, right fellas!

Q: 等不及发售WBR了,产品的大概价格是多少啊?

A: 小于250美金,如果能240或230美金那就太棒了!很多机器人都230刀的。

Q: That Cosplay Miyu shown on the blog this week, is that from SDCC'14 Bamba release? And is there a chance to see more girls like that? Maybe Cosplay and Beer Girls combo if that makes sense?
A: I have a ton of Pascha girls to photograph, ill post some soon, and yes thats the Choco Orange Square!

Q: 博客上更新了Cosplay Miyu,这是当时官网发售的2014 SDCC版吗?有没有机会可以看见更多的Cosplay女孩?也许是Cosplay女+啤酒女孩的组合?

A: 我有一大堆Pascha女准备拍照,我会很快就更新。博客上更新的就是先前发售的Chocolate Orange Square(SDCC时候发售的网店套装里面的橘子巧克力方块Miyu)!

Q: When we might see EVENFALL 1/6 T.H.U.G robot? Really loving the design and want more EVENFALL period.
A: Good stuff, well I had a epiphany for that, I kept playing with pilots in different way and nothing worked with me 100%, and then I was just looking at it with its proportions and thought its a robot, Ash, stop pretending it isn’t.. So yea well its ready to go now. Its actually helped round out the story and world too, sometimes you try and keep stuff out, and it eventually you see its needed.

Q:我们什么时候可以看到1/6 T.H.U.G (EVENFALL的暴徒装甲)机器人发售?非常喜欢它的造型,也希望能有更多的Evenfall 发售。

A: 我有很多感悟想讲,我尝试着放驾驶员到机体里,但我都不满意!然后我就想,它这个比例,而且它是个机器人,Ash,别在胡思乱想的,这就是你想要的机器人!有的时候你一直徘徊不定,其实心里早已有了答案!

Q: What are you listening to lately? Any gems you stumbled upon?
A: Well Im enjoying Merchandised latest offering released via 4AD, Childhood is a good listen check their album Lacuna. Also French Films fills the void!


A: 我很喜4AD网站售的专辑Merchandise-After The EndChildhood专辑Lacuna也很好听,去看看法国影也可以弥空虚!


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