September 28, 2014 in QandA



Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and to make it even better here is our latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood! Lots of World War RobotPopbot and 3AGO Worlds Best Robots questions covered and there are questions about our licensed lines: MarvelDestinyMetal Gear Solid and Reservoir Dogs. 

本期QA涉及到了WWR,POPBOT和3AGOWWR,以及我们授权的Marvel(漫威),Destiny(命运,一款次时代平台射击游戏),MGS(合金装备)还有Reservoir Dogs(落水狗,昆丁1992年处女成名作电影)。

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

在我们开始之前,你可以通过邮件联系我(gimbat@threeAonline.com)来发送您原创的感兴趣的问题;或者通过3A的官方论坛的 Ask thread ,也可以Facebook的WorldOf3A Facebook page wall的官方页面,或者在Twitter上通过 @WorldOf3A ,在您提交问题之后,您的问题可能在之后得到回答(因为我们不可能回答每个问题)。谢谢您的关注。

Q: I remember reading about more than 20 colorways for Mighty Squares, do you plan to offer them all at once on September 28th or pushing the sale date to October? Would love to have some time to come up with funds, if possible.

A: The process requires that we do it at once, as it's more difficult to revisit over the months as we need to set up the hatchery to facilitate each project. We shall leave the Mightys up long as we can though, to help out etc!


A: 我们的发售流程是要求我们一次性发售全部的配色,而不是分批,因为我们需要制定工厂的生产计划。大板凳方块在网站发售的时间我们会尽量放久一些。

Q: Is there any chance of a test figure being made to gauge interest on the metal gear toys?  It looks like support for the Metal Gears themselves was fairly strong, so I figure it might be worth a shot. I just got finished watching the graphic novel you did for MGS1, as well as PeaceWalker, and I'd love to see Ash styled renditions of Snake, Grey Fox, Meryl, Big Boss, and the full crew!  

A: Well we can’t do a test, it's in or out, the license and path to make them is compacted and really expensive. We don't want to fuck around, do it or do not! Might have some news soon on the MGS front!

Q: 可不可以用一款测试人型玩偶来判断一下是否有很多人支持MGS系列?似乎支持MGS系列的人非常之多,我觉得这是一个好办法可以一试。我刚刚看完了你绘制的MGS1还有和平行者的数字漫画,我很乐意看到带有你画风的斯内克,灰狐,梅丽尔,Big Boss,以及其他角色玩具实体化。

A: 这个,我们没法做测试的。得到授权以及制作他们的过程是很复杂也很昂贵的。我们可不想瞎胡闹,所以只有制作做和不做这两个选项。可能很快会更新一些MGS的消息。

Q: Any chance you could mention what Dr. Doom colorways we are going to see offered shortly?

A: Well there is Doc Doom and the ubiquitous Stealth Version, we should have the images and info next week!

Q: 可不可以说一些Dr.Doom的配色会是哪些?

A: 啊哈,我们会有Dr. Doom(传统绿色配色)以及潜行版本配色(灰黑配色),我们大概下周会更新发售信息和新照片!

Q: I noticed that the Juicy Racer Set had a previously unannounced chase color (white hair Miyu) inserted in it. I love chases and was wondering if any other upcoming sales/releases may have some chase versions ?

A:  Well we like it too, but most times we get complaints, as we do throw in some chase/ rates etc. With our new selling system in the new year this will be easier and the scope for more oblique tracks possible!

Q:在刚刚发货的Juicy Racer Set中出现了之前并没有被提及的配色(既白色头发的Miyu),我很喜欢乱入这种模式,我想知道在新的发售/发货中是否还会有乱入版本?

A: 我们也喜欢这些额外的惊喜,但大部分情况下我们会被抱怨,因为我们掺入了乱入/比率等。随着明年新的发售系统正式运行,这一切都会变的更容易掌控!

Q: Are there any news you can share about “Reservoir Dogs” and when we might see the teasers?

A: Robots in suits, and colorful names!



Q: I read that Zombies vs. Robots line is in the works, is it possible to give us an update? Fingers still crossed for a new 1/6 Warbot!

A: Well I have the 1/6th Bertie coming, and I have a two eye’d head, so maybe just maybe throw that starfish on him this time !

Q: 我注意到了ZVR玩具系列正在酝酿制作中, 有没有什么新的更新?我始终在祈祷可以有新的1/6战争机器人(即骷髅脸还配有“战争”二字的MK1)!

A: 1/6的贝蒂药丸不久就会问世。还有,我有一个双眼的机器人头,所以没准,没准这次我会把这个海星扔到他身上!(语无伦次)

Q: Just pre-ordered MARS - you mentioned William Best and Squidicorn next in the lineup.  Those (tentatively) slated for 2014 pre-orders? Can't wait to see Squidicorn!

A: Best soon, Squidicorn later, big toy!


Q:刚刚预定了MARS,你提到了William Best(Helios空间站的指挥官),以及下一款会发售的Squidicorn。这些都会在2014年内接受预定吗?我等不及见Squidicorn拉!

A: William Best会更快发售,Squidicorn会在之后发布,因为他是个大家伙(不会比MARS再大了,请放心)!

Q: Now that we have a little more information on the three main WBR can you tell us a bit about the Ghost of Guangzhou and Blue Ghost? How do they fit into the world of WBR?

A: The Ghost was purchased by the city of GUANGZHOU to defend it against the terror of the SQUIDICORN which attacks on a regular basis, only to be bitch slapped by the Ghost of Guangzhou!

Q: 现在关于WBR的信息我们有了更多,可以来说说广州幽魂(广州会场版本WBR)和蓝幽魂(夜光配色)吗?他们在WBR的故事里又有着怎样的命运?

A: 幽魂是广州市购入用来抵御Squidicorn定期的进攻的机器人。Squidicorn只害怕广州幽魂,总会被他扇的满地找牙!

Q: Any chance of seeing some Destiny figures in 2014?  With the game out now, I can't wait to see these guys. Do you plan on making vehicles with this line? Some of the speeder bikes and alien tanks look amazing!

A: We are aiming to offer the first TITAN before Xmas!



Q: I would love to know more about Mega Zomb! How big is he, are there a lot of them and what is Mega Zomb’s weakness?

A: Well he is really big and zombi-ish, it is kinda epic and silly, can’t wait to show him off! Mega Zombs weakness is the amount of energy needed to be, well mega! One of our proto’s was 15” tall,  that kinda height is the aim… shouldn’t be long now!

Q: 我想知道更多关于Mega Zomb(巨型僵尸)的信息!他们会有多高?会有很多很多的进化僵尸吗?他们的弱点是什么?

A: 嗯,他十分巨大并且死气沉沉,他们有些霸气但又有些傻傻的,我等不及要给你们看看他拉!巨型僵尸的弱点是他们需要储存很多能量!我们目前的一只原型玩具是15寸高(大约38厘米),这个高度是我们的目标,应该不会太久就可以问世!

Q: Did you ever think about Paratrooper Grunt for WWR? Maybe a H.A.L.O paratrooper. That would be so cool!

A: Did A HALO jumper TK once, should finish and release. Need to just release more soldiers full stop!


A: 曾做过一款空降兵TK,我应该完成它并发售的。现在该做的就是继续推出更多的士兵,仅此而已!

Q: What's the deal with Devilbots? Where do they fall in the hierarchy of Mortis forces? There was one named Schattenform mentioned in Popbot. Was he a particularly famous Devilbot, and if so, why?

A: It's a big ass Dark bot ol' Schatten, only famous as a he existed before and after, that's a key position in the PB universe, before and after!. There are many robots at the disposal of the Mortis, they don’t like to actually sully themselves fighting etc. Devil bots are mid range at best!

Q: Devilbots(恶机器人)的进展如何?他们在Mortis阵营处在什么地位?有个叫做Schattenfrom的的家伙你在POPBOT里提到过,他是只臭名昭著的Devilbot吗?如果是的话,为什么啊?



Q: Mortis figures were mentioned as a possibility this year, but I assume that with so much on 3a's plate, that they may be pushed into 2015. Did the re-tooling of Lass' skin complicate the prototyping of the Mortis? In essence, how much closer are we to seeing some Supermenses?

A: Just manpower and time, we have little of each. The Lass tooling didn’t hold anything up except the Lass, the Mortis is different, as mentioned Lass is only half skinned, legs and groin, the Mortis will have to be full skinned, which now we know we can do. I can’t stress enough how small the team is making all of the toys, hopefully gods willing we shall make all the toys we dream of!  

Q: Mortis(POPBOT中的反派)的玩具之前提到会尽量在今年发售,但由目前其他3A的进度看,他多半会被推迟到2015年发售了。重新配置设备并加工LASS(会员礼宇航员女孩)的皮肤(包胶)有没有给制作Mortis的原型加大了难度?我们距离看到一些劲爆的猛物还有多远?

A: 人力和时间,我们欠缺这两样。那些设备并没有妨碍我们其他玩具的进展,但Lass的确被耽搁了。而Mortis是不同于她的,之前我们放过图片,Lass只有半身是全包胶素体,也就是腿部和盆腔,但Mortis则需要全包胶素体,目前我们可以做到这些。我没法强调到底我们的团队有多小,但他们正在制作全部的玩具。希望上帝保佑,我们能做出来我们梦寐以求的玩具! 

Q: Is there a character from any one of your illustrations/paintings/books that you just can't ever see working as a 3A figure? Have you ruled any characters out completely?

A: Nothing, I want to make them all, but I think time is the complexity I face!

Q: 有没有哪个你绘制的角色,你就是看不到他被做成3A玩具的那一天?你排除掉任何一款角色过吗(有没有排除掉哪一款角色绝对没法玩具化的)?

A: 没有!我想把我全部的角色玩具化,但是时间是个大问题!

Q: Are Tomorrow Kings motivated to kill because they hate the Mortis, because they love mankind, or are their motives not directed by anything other than blind duty? Are they capable of feeling love, even among their own ranks (does a TK feel sorrow when another TK dies)?

A: Where is everyone else ( other fighters, soldiers, why do they carry the burden of defending humans? They feel they should feel, yet can’t… the TK isn’t a simple linear beast, their story has not even started yet!

Q: TK杀戮的动机是因为他们憎恨Mortis?因为他们热爱人类?还是说单纯就是因为职责?还有,TK会感觉到爱吗(TK会感到悲伤吗如果其他的TK阵亡?

A: 他们和其他人一样,可以感觉到悲伤。他们可以感受到他们应该感受到的一切,但是不能(不能沟通)。。。TK不是单纯的野兽,他们的故事还没有正式开始呢!

Q: It’s so upsetting that I haven’t seen anyone sharing Marquis de Plume sketches yet. Curious to know how many were there and how big were my chances to score one in Dead de Plume box?

A: Upsetting you didn’t get one, I don’t get it? Shouldn’t be upset! The % of sketches to ordered was minute, I am guessing people don’t like to share or they have not opened their boxes yet to see..OPEN THEM!! The chance was always small, never implied otherwise, just an aside to make it more fun! Eventually all the sketches turn up, I know last time it took forever, but eventually we get the pics of the happy owners and drawing!

Q: 很沮丧到现在为止也还没有看见有谁分享侯爵双鼻的原稿草图(随机入盒)。我好奇你到底放了多少张进去,还有我有多大的概率能开出你的草图从我买的夜光双鼻里?

A: 我不理解你为什么沮丧!不应该沮丧噢!得到草图的概率是极小的,我猜可能是玩家不想要分享或者他们还没来得及打开他们的包装吧!开苞吧!!几率很小,我也没有暗示之前,这只是让整个过程变的更有乐趣!这个寻奖的过程会花很久很久的时间(像上次),但最终我们会见到这些幸运的玩家还有那些草图!

Q: Just got Marquis with prey box, great set thank you! Can you give any more intel on Marquis? Is he able to track down and kill fallen plume Barguest? What about Kuan? Seems like Marquis is getting more gas than the average plume, based on the dual tanks on his back....  is that true? Does that give him more abilities?

A: The double tank denote a different make up of veil parting gases, they have many varied mixes depending on their path! Marquis are strong and talented bunch, but as evolution has shown there is always bigger and stronger, on both sides of the path. The NOM story is great fun for me, I will be introducing some new players soon, Fallen and the Callen!

Q: 刚收到我的侯爵双鼻和捕猎盒,很有意思的套装,谢谢!可以再说说关于侯爵的故事吗?他可以追踪到堕落的鬼怪单鼻并杀掉他吗?他见到关帝单鼻会怎么对付?还有,侯爵貌似装备了更多的气体瓦斯在身上(后背的两只罐子),这会赋予他更多的能力和本事吗?

A: 两只罐子表示不同比例的气体构成,双鼻们有各种各样的气体比例搭配(既能力天赋)而这主要取决于他们自己选择的道路(正或邪)!侯爵双鼻们都很强壮并富有天赋,但就像进化过程所揭示的,在正或邪两阵营总会出现比他们更强壮更厉害的角色 。NOM的故事对我来说很有意思,我会很快陆续介绍新的角色,Fallen(堕落者)和Callen(新角色待定翻译)!

Q: Why are pistols the adopted standard weapon for all NOM and nothing else. Do they prefer a close and personal combat style? Doesn't seem like the NOM rely on firepower.

A: Firepower isn’t the way on the NOM, though they don’t avoid it either, they rely on their smarts and cunning mostly!

Q: 为什么单鼻们都喜欢用手枪?似乎他们更喜欢近距离解决对手(近战格斗)吧?单鼻好像不太依仗于用重火力!

A: 用火力解决事态不是单鼻们的风格,虽然他们也无法避免用到火力。他们赖以生存的法宝主要是他们的灵巧和阴谋诡计!


Q: Any news about the orange space suit Tomorrow King (Bambalandstore Kozo variant)? What is his name? What’s the story behind him, KOZO and LONELY STAR WARRIOR TK? Can't wait to see more photo and have information about these guys!

A: We are pre-making the orange KOZO, on sale this year. Lonely TK too!

Q: 有没有关于官网版本的KOZO的新消息?这只官网版本会叫什么名字?他,KOZO和孤星TK背后又有什么样的故事呢? 

A: 我们正在制作橘色版本的KOZO,今年发售!孤星TK也是!

Q: I'm a huge WWR fanatic (WF for life yo!) There is so much to like about WWR, you and TP have fleshed out the world so much that its never boring. Some days I am all about NOM and the power of the supreme other days I am all about Rothchild and his metal children or the life of soldiers fighting along side robots etc. WWR will always be at the top for me I think because its so rich with intel but I am also really liking what we have seen of EVENFALL and WBR so far! Do you plan on fleshing out those worlds/stories as much as you have with WWR?

A: I think the only way to offer you guys a good experience is to flesh out these worlds, I am working with IDW and some super talented comic folks to do this, as much as I want to do it all, it would be a disservice to you guys and me to hold back the stories trying to do it all etc! More news soon!

Q: 我是WWR系列的死忠。WWR里有太多吸引人的地方了,你和TP(TP Louise,编剧)给我们带来了一个全新且充实故事!有的时候我沉浸在单鼻和女单鼻的能力中,有的时候我又完全痴迷于Rothchild和他的孩子们(机器人),以及故事中和机器人并肩作战的士兵中!丰富的剧情和新颖的世界观让WWR会一直是我的最爱。还有,我也喜欢Evenfall和WBR目前!你也打算补完这两个系列的故事来让他们越发吸引人吗?

A: 我认为唯一能让你们满意的办法就是不断的充实这些故事,注入新的内容,我目前正在和IDW还有一些非常有才华的漫画家来做这一切,我想一人完成这一切。搁置(不补完剧情)这些故事对你们和对我来说都会是一种伤害!最近会公布更多的消息!

Q: Hello, thank you for making Marvel series toys that I'm very interested in. Will we see the big boss Magneto in 3A Marvel line?

A: If the support continues I want to touch upon all the major characters, and Maggy is just that!

Q: 感谢你制作漫威系列的角色,我非常有兴趣对他们!在3A的漫威系列里,我们会见到万磁王吗?

A: 如果玩家们继续支持,我想把主要的角色都玩具化!万磁王(此处成为Maggy,在游戏漫威vs卡普空3当中,蜘蛛侠称万磁王为Maggie)也就会出现!

Q: Any chance of seeing another Gatling Bramble in 1/6? Lots of people have got into WWR since the Deep Powder was released, and they are crazy money, the molds are there, so production shouldn't be too bad. Personally I’d like to see Winter Defence, one of the greatest paintjobs ever or the MERCS as they were done in portable.

A: We are doing just that, we started making a HK LION ROCK 1/6th  Bramble with some tweak, but essentially it's the classic Bramble, slight different arms as I always thought they were too skinny!

Q: 还有机会见到1/6的加特林机关枪版Bramble吗?很多人爱上WWR都是因为雪地配色的Bramble(即雪花桶)推出,但他们太贵了实在。模具你们还保留着,所以再生产应该不会太费劲吧。我更人想见到冬日防线配色的Bramble,或者MERCS配色也可以因为它只有WWRp版本过。

A: 我们正在做这事,目前正在着手制作香港狮子山(香港著名山峰)配色且带有调整升级的1/6版本 Bramble,它实质上就是经典款的Bramble,并配备新的手臂因为我认为之前的实在太瘦了!

Q: I am interested to know more about Wonka/Wanka Squares! How many variants are there in total and anything you can share about them?

A: 3 versions in the wild, plus prototype flavors. Actually you guys got the 3rd version, my youngest is in possession of all the previous versions. We might do more as one offs and show exclusives etc. I love them, Brent did a great job on the wrapper, I like my Square designs, probably not everyones thing, but I rate them a high point in Square stuff… I want a Mighty Wanka now!

Q: 说说Wonka方块吧(巧克力方块)!有多少种不同配色它们一共?

A: 3种配色,并加上原型的配色。实际上玩家们会见到3种版本配色,我最小的孩子想把之前所有的配色方块都占为己有!我们可能会陆续推出更多方块作为限定产品。我爱它们,Brent设计的包装纸太棒了,我喜欢我设计的方块,虽然不是每个人都喜欢它,但我给它们的评价可是非常高和其他造型的方块相比。。。现在我想要一只大巧克力方块!

Q: Does every EDO have different capabilities based on color? Are EDO sentient robots, do they have separate personalities?

A: They are aware, aware of their job, think of them as a prototype TK, each color does indeed indicate a different skill. Prototypes from the past, for the future!

Q: 不同颜色的EDO都有不同的能力吗?EDO可以感知到机器人吗?他们有独立的人格吗?

A: EDO有意识,能清楚自己的工作,认为他们自己是TK的原型机,每一个配色的EDO都有不同的技能。他们是来自过去,为未来而战的原型TK!

Q: How did the supreme become the supreme? Was she a normal woman at some point or has she always been the supreme?

A: Well in the NOM world all women are supreme, as they represent a good balance, to become the supreme is based on genetic lineage and training, the first NOM mother was known to have existed in the 19th century, their path and mission is long and steeped in history!

Q: 女单鼻是怎样变成女单鼻的?她之前也是正常的女性还是她一直就是女单鼻?

A: 在NOM的世界中,全部的女性都是女单鼻,她们代表着一种平衡。在基于遗传血统以及训练的前提下,她们变成女单鼻。第一只单鼻妈妈早在19世纪就存在了,她们的命运与使命既长又坎坷!

Q: Who would win… Mars or Godzilla? Would you enjoy the opportunity to design your own ver of Godzilla? Or MechaGodzilla?

A: Mars would give Godzilla a bitch slapping, then blow his head of with the ol' love missile! 

Q: 谁会赢如果MARS和哥斯拉决斗?你会想设计你自己的哥斯拉,或者机械哥斯拉吗?

A: MARS会狠狠地给哥斯拉一巴掌先,然后用肚子上的导弹爆掉它的头!

Q: You mentioned a strong tie in with magic and the Adventure Kartel universe. Was magic always there or did someone unleash it on the world. Considering Tommy's mom is a witch and him and the shadow family have definite ties to the supernatural. Could they be somehow involved ?

A: Not magic, the occult if you will, metaphysics etc is the backbone of the AK universe, much based on ancient lore, Egyptian being a pillar of it, mixed with classic 19th/20th century English mysticism!

Q: 魔法和AK系列故事有着紧密的联系!魔法是始终都在故事里?还是有人解禁了魔法?考虑到Tommy的妈妈是一个女巫,他和影子家族无疑都和超自然的魔法有着紧密的联系!他们是怎么卷入到这一切之中的?

A: 这并不是魔法噢!神秘学啊,玄学啊等等才是AK世界观的基石!故事很多都是基于古老的传说,像古埃及就是故事里重要的一部分,并且掺杂着19和20世纪英国的神秘主义(涉及到宗教)故事!

(类似Penny Dreadful)

Q: You know with the recent Cowgirl/Cowbot sale, it would be cool if you could release a Zombie Minotaur type figure...You know a Cow/Bull-man type figure...Do you think you would be interested in making that type of figure?.. And speaking of Cowbot, is there anything you can share about him and his looks?

A: Funny, TP said the same thing about a bull headed character, as in COW BOT etc.. so with that kinda blessing you never know! COWBOT is a classic Ash Wood robot rustler, and cutter offerer of feet, he will make you happy to have scored one!

Q: 随着牛仔女孩的发售,如果你能再发售一款僵尸米诺陶(希腊神话人身牛头怪)那就太酷了!你有没有兴趣出这么一款玩具?谈到牛仔机器人(F5),你可以说说他长什么样子吗? 


Q:  Can we please have some intel on the current whereabouts and status of the Martians in WWR? What are their plans? Will they go on the offensive? How has NOM effected their plans? And will the reds do anything about NOM?

A: They are waiting with the other characters that have to wait, as only one guys works on all of it, don’t hate that guy he is trying!

Q: 能说说目前WWR中的火星人在什么吗?他们的计划是什么?他们会主动出击?单鼻们是如何影响火星人的计划的?他们打算如何回应单鼻?

A: 火星人在等不得不等的人!因为就一个人在做着一切!(应该是TP Louis还没编好剧情)

Q: Moveable hands really add to the expressiveness of figures like Junglevet in 1:6 but do you have any thoughts on 1:12 articulated human-size hands? The 1:12 Dropcloth hands were an engineering marvel but very fragile so maybe just jointed at the knuckles so that the whole fingers move?

A: We decided to stick with molded as the articulated just caused too many headaches for us and you guys, the best way to offer multiple hands per figure when needed!


A: 我们决定继续坚持非可动手,因为可动手给我们还有玩家都带来了些麻烦,如果有必要我们会提供多个手型每款!

Q: I've always gotten the sense that growing up with toy lines like Action Man/G.I .Joe, Mego, Big Jim, and Action Jackson are a big inspiration for what you do with threeA. One of the really cool things about those lines were the accessory sets... Like they knew you already had the figures, but that you might want to just swap out the gear for a scuba diver or arctic explorer, etc. Is this something you've ever considered? Maybe cheaper blister-card packs with just the gear (clothes, helmet, weapons, accessories) would be another occasional way to extend the threeA worlds.

A: Yup and yup, but I guess this stuff is always on the back burner as we struggle to find time to work on all the main toys etc. I am always hoping to found that person to help with this stuff.. waiting waiting.

Q: 我有感觉今天你在3A所做的,很大程度上都是受到你小时候热门的玩具所影响,类似Action Man/特种部队3.75寸, Mego 8寸, Big Jim10寸,Action Jackson8寸。这些系列都有共同的特点就是配件包。厂家知道玩家手里都有人偶,可是玩家会想把他们混达成潜水员或者北极探险家的想法。你有过类似的想法吗(推出配件包)?也许可以就是便宜的吊卡配备各式各样的装备(服装,头盔,武器,配件),这也许会是个好主意扩展3A世界!

A: 没错没错,但是我猜这种都是次要的因为我们还在苦苦挣扎没时间把主要的玩具生产完。我总希望能遇到人帮忙,只能一直等下去了!

Q: Like a fool I didn’t act fast enough and sadly do not have MARS on pre-order.. want one really bad now. Any idea of what the new colorway version will be? Any chance for a second version of MARS? Battle damaged maybe? Heavier weathering or one thats tied to a specific WBR storyline you may have in mind? Or a 2pack with William Best?

A: Don’t worry I will offer more down the line, different colors and tweaking! Don’t forget you can get Remus from your fav retailer, quite the stunner in person!

Q: 像个傻瓜一样我没有预定MARS,我好后悔没订,特别想要来一只!有没有什么新配色的方案?有没有再版MARS的机会?类似战损版本的?重度做旧版本,或者某一款联系剧情的特殊版本?再或者和William Best来个2P套装也可以啊?




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