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Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood! You can find sneak peek of stuff coming in 2015; answers about pre-made sales and limited pre-orders; plus fresh info about Transformers! Have a great Sunday folks!


Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

在我們開始之前,你可以通過郵件聯繫我(gimbat@threeAonline.com)來發送您原創的感興趣的問題;或者通過3A的官方論壇的Ask thread ,也可以WorldOf3A Facebook的官方頁面,或者在Twitter上通過@WorldOf3A ,在您提交問題之後,您的問題可能在之後得到回答(因為我們不可能回答每個問題)。謝謝您的關注。

Q: Hey Ash! I know you’ve got changes coming up next year.  Do those plans involve releasing more figures from your in-house brands (AK, TK, etc.) to every couple of months or so? I know you've got a lot of projects going on but would LOVE to see more 1/6 AK figures in 2015!! Thanks for all great work you and your team do — taking the time to answer all of our questions every week means a lot!

A: My main love is my own creations,  AK, POPBOT, WWR, EVENFALL and ISO etc are the main focus for 2015 re 12”, also my versions of Marvel and DC fall under that creative umbrella too. I am going back to what i know best, over 6 years we have tried this or that, but I still think my original outlook for 3A is best and that's what you can expect. My main interest is to make great things, I have no interest in Walmart, Target or Toys R Us selling my toys or shit, in fact I go against that by making sure I never tone down or dilute for a quick fuck. I will be wearing white at the funeral!

Q: 嘿Ash!我知道明年會有很多的改變和改進(指發售模式等)。這些計劃裡是否包括了有規律的(例如每幾個月)便發售一些3A原創角色嗎(例如AK和TK系列角色)?我知道你還有很多的合作項目和計劃正在進行中,但我期望2015年看到更多的1/6比例的AK系列角色在發售!感謝你和你團隊所做的一切,還有你每週都花時間回答我們的問題這對我們來說很重要!

A: 我熱愛我自己的原創品牌(AK,POPBOT,WWR,EVENFALL和ISO系列) 這些原創品牌的12寸會是2015年的重點,其次我設計的Marvel和DC角色也會被歸入主要的發售計劃之中!我打算回到我最熟悉和最擅長的領域,在這6年裡我們嘗試過各種各樣的企劃,但我仍然認為我自己原創的3A(非合作)是最棒的,同樣這也是你們所期待的!我所感興趣的是創作出了不起的作品,而不是讓我所設計的玩具出現在沃爾瑪,Target或者玩具反斗城裡的貨架上!我永遠不會為了圖一時之快(賺小錢)而放下自己的高逼格!我會穿一身白色出席葬禮。

Q: Is there a chance that the upcoming releases you have planned have some unusual accessories to go with them. My first purchase was the Bromwich (Pinky) 3.5 Bertie and that Gas can is what made me to fall in love with him. Anything like that coming up ?

A: Well maybe, it's just what seems right, and makes sense I guess. I just trundle along, just do it and see what pops up!

Q: 接下來的發售會不會有一些不常見的配件?我的第一次獻給了Bertie MK3.5粉色非戰損版,我愛上他的原因就是因為他配的那隻汽油桶!還有沒有類似這樣的配件會出現?

A: 誒,沒準會有,配件一般都會是那些看起來會出現也合情合理的道具。我剛剛開始醞釀,等等看會有什麼靈感!

(照片by Ming,来自 http://psycho-ming.blogspot.com/2014_01_01_archive.html)

Q:  Will the OG style Popbot make a reappearance at all or no plans yet?

A: Nope not in 1/6th, a new version is coming, I am thinking of doing a 3AGO version, but I’m not sure, see how the line goes. I think the first Pop figure is great, proud of that!

Q: 初代版本的Popbot還會再登場嗎,還是說尚未計劃好?

A: 不會以1/6的形式登場了,新版本很快會問世。我正在考慮製作3AGO的8寸的版本,但還沒確定好,主要取決於3AGO的市場反響。我認為第一隻Pop機器人非常棒,我引以為豪!

Q: A: Do TK children get to eat sugary cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons, or do their early lives strictly consist of learning battle strategy and physical training? B: Do TK children look up to, or admire their full grown brothers? Or are they automatically indoctrinated with the understanding that we are all just meat for the grinder?

A: Sure they can have those memories.

Q: 問題A: 兒童期的TK會吃著糖看著周六早晨的動畫片,還是童年時期的他們便每天都要接受特訓?問題B: 童年的TK們是不是都很欽佩仰慕自己的兄長們?還是他們自動就被灌輸了他們僅是“消耗品”的意識。

A: 當然,他們可以有這些記憶。

Q: Has there ever been an adolescent TK so amazingly gifted that he graduated into service early? A sort of ‘Wunderkind TK’?

A: Most are young, 18 etc, when they start.

Q: 有没有有过哪个年轻的TK他天赋异凛,很早便去服役了?类似于神童TK?
A: 他们大部分都很年轻,18岁上下他们便开始服役

Q: When can we expect the Last stand of Yama and Naga? And will they drop as a TKLUB release or a standard Bambaland release?

A: When they are ready, we work everyday on everything, just some stuff has priority, Archer has it now!

Q: 什么时候我们才能见到最后一战版本的Yama和Naga?他们属于TK俱乐部发售还是会在网店属于常规发售?

A: 要等到他们俩准备好才会问世,我们每天都没闲着。目前我们的重心是先推出弓箭手TK!

Q: threeA does great weathering, but it would be so cool to see a TK very heavily weathered and bloodied after a right good fight. What do you think about this?

A: Never like the way it sits on a toy, also my art doesn’t have blood really, they are an extension of my art so they have a pretty blood free time of it.

Q: 3A的做旧实在了得,但如果能看到一只不仅做旧还带有重血版本的TK就太Cool拉!这想法如何?

A: 这永远不是我设计玩具的路子喔,我的艺术和设计真的不带血迹,他们(血)是我艺术形式的一种延续,所以多数场合下我的作品是没有血的表现的。


Q: Saw pic of Eddy on your Instagram, such a great cat! Now what are the chances to see 1:1 Eddy at Bambalandstore?

A: Doing a 1:1 version, this year…

Q: 我在你的Instagram看到了Eddy的图片,可是只好猫哦!有没有看在官网看到到1:1Eddy的机会呢?

A: 正在做1:1版本的,今年(发售)。。。

Q: Severed Bot Head has been offered more than few times, have you been thinking about other supersized parts? Maybe Bot Hand? I think it would be very fun to have big hand to grip Tomorrow Kings.

A: Well I like the heads, like busts almost, they have a presence with or without other toys, the other parts don’t talk to me as much, though a giant hand could be cool I agree!

Q: 斩下的机器人头作为配件已经被发售过很多次了,你有没有想过推出其他的超大配件?没准是机器人的手?我觉得会很有意思如果能看到一只大手牢牢抓着TK。

A: 我喜欢那些机器人头,最喜欢胸像那形式的配件,这些部位有一种自己的味道不同于的玩具。其他的部位(机器人手)对我来说不能传达出这种感觉,我承认一只巨大的机器人手会很酷!

Q: We assume, that the 7 Bones colorway may be coming to an end, in the not too distant future. Is there another squad of particularly interesting characters in the TK universe that you will be concentrating on, in lieu of the ol' Bones?  Or, is it a bit premature to give any information at this time.

A: Well in my mind there are many groups, take TKYO they are not just a group of stupid fuck pop singers but an A-TEAM style spec group, they use the pop band guise to freely move around without anyone knowing the wiser. I have always envisioned their end as epic and pivotal, a stand of a few against many… GIRL R/C as mentioned before has heritage and isn’t just a pretty face, but a master strategist and key member for their final act. With TK, some are what is called enlightened some are what is know as asleep at this stage. But getting back to your question yea, there are many, whether I will do them, or if in fact you guys want them is still a question for later on!

Q: 我猜想七骨配色会在不久的将来完结。在TK的世界中还有没有其他有意思的小队(小组),会接下来会代替旧的7骨让你专注开发的东西?还是说,现在就透露新计划为时过早?

A: 嗯,在我心目中还有很多的小组。举TKYO来当例子,他们可不是一群傻乎乎的流行歌手;实际上他们是特遣部队。他们用乐队来作为身份的伪装,以便于可以在各地出没且不为人知。我总是在设想TKYO的故事结局,一定是悲壮且有力的,区区几个人却面对着数不清的敌人。。。而像先前提到过的GIRL R/C(TKYO的女性新成员)传承下了这一切(指和其他TKYO成员一样的使命)可不仅仅只有一张漂亮的脸蛋,她实际上是一位战术战略家并且是他们最后一次行动的关键人物。说回到TK,他们一些已经顿悟了人生,而另一些此时此刻还处于沉睡阶段。但回到你刚刚的问题上,没错,在TK的世界里还有着很多不同的小组。是否会设计立体化他们,或者是否你们希望见到他们,仍然是个问题(以后再讨论)。

Q: I beg of you please! Ashley Wood styled 1/6 John Constantine would be so great, like world stopping good. A headsculpt that would fit in with Adventure Kartel, a nice slightly weathered trench coat that only 3A could do and maybe some clear plastic parts for magic effects and of course his smokes! I can imagine it now... and want bad, take my money. Take it please!

A: Well the AK world has its own magi, such Aleister Left, or his counter Madam Down. Appreciate the idea that I could do a great Constantine, man I dreamed of drawing an issue of Hellblazer back in the day...

Q: Ash我求你了,出一款带有你风格的约翰·康斯坦丁吧!一款可兼容到AK系列风格的头雕,一件儿轻微做旧的风雨衣,再加上一些特效的塑料补件(参照海洋堂的透明特效部件),当然还有他的香烟!我已经脑补出来了形象,太帅了!必须得来一只,拿走我的钱吧,求你拿走吧!

A: AK的世界里有着属于它自己的巫师(有法力的人),例如Aleister Left(翻译为阿莱斯特·左英格兰神秘学家。Left可能涉及到的是21世纪早期Left-Hand Path,即一种“一分为二”法则),或他的对手Madam Down。很感谢你相信我可以设计出一款不赖的康斯坦丁。我过去很渴望可以绘制一期Hellblazer。

Q: Many of the books you released on Bamba over the last years were great stuff. KUNTSLER will be another fine publication, no doubt about it. Can you please share a bit more about the technical side of the making process of your books? What program is used to make the books, who makes the layout and who actually puts them together? Where are they printed etc.? Thanks!

A: Well it varies, sometimes I make them, sometimes Brent Ashe will put them together etc, standard programs, Photoshop, Indesign etc. Always obvious when I or Brent does it ( plus there is always a credit for Brent ) no credit its my work. I will say this, the only person who I let make books for me is Brent, If I’m not doing it, Ashe is the man. I love books, putting them together is a pain though as you have to look at your own work, and be subjective without getting caught up in your own shit.

Q: 很多在官网发售的印刷书籍都非常赞!毋庸置疑你的KUNTSLER(正在网店贩售的小薄本画册,售价25usd含邮费)将必然会是另一本佳作。你可否分享一些关于书籍制作技术方面的信息?你是有的什么软件制作的书?谁设计的板式构图,谁实际上把这一切整合?书是在哪印制的?谢谢!

A: 啊,这过程不是很固定。有的时候是我制作,有的时候是Brent Ashe他整合一切,软件都是一些常用软件,PS和Indesign等。绝对多数情况下都是我们俩制作(鸣谢Brent,一直都有他的功劳)。我得说我唯一信得过帮我制作书籍的人只有Brent,如果我没干活,那一定是靠他。我爱书籍,但整合每一页纸直到成为一本书的这个过程是痛苦的,你必须得够主观且不能陶醉于自己的作品!(PS:这有点困难对Ash来说)


Q: I was thinking about future pre-made sales, would you be considering splitting the batches to offer few times per day for different timezones or you prefer to offer them all at once and at the same time?

A: Well these are the issues I have, first there is timezones, then the peeps who order and don’t pay for one reason or another and that holds stock from serious buyers etc. I am thinking on this and discussing ways of getting around this, I want the true fan to get the toy, but it's not that simple. Any ideas how to battle these issues are welcome here at 3A. Like I said I know how many figures are kinda needed for say AK, we are not trying to build the market there, but cover the fans who support it. Say we make 500 figures, because we normally sell 500, as this should cover the market, but alas flippers will take a portion etc, leaving some fans left out (which is bad ). We are aware of this, but also we want to change things and be able to deliver quicker toys to our supporters so it's gonna be a bit hit and miss at first, but we will try and make it as best as possible experience. Now before you say fuck 3A, think about what I am doing, I’m not trying to sell as many toys as possible, but try to deliver good quality pre-made toys in a timely manner. We want the experience to be different and fun, not boring as the majority of toy buying is, I am not a business guy, or I would just put every toy on 12 month pre-order window, but to me that's so boring and counter to what I’m about, that's a “business” plan that makes sense, I don’t make sense. I see myself as an artist, not a machine to make higher profit and build a bigger market for the sake of it. That will end in tears and be fucking boring, why should I dedicate myself to a boring path, I want to give you something I’m passionate about, fucking I believe in! So yea, we will have pre-made toys, we will have shorter turn around pre-order toys as well. Let's see how it turns out, but my main focus is to offer you guys toys that are fun, exciting and different. We can always fix as we go, this is the adventure of 3A!

Q: 我正在思考pre-made发售这件事儿。你考虑过把制作好的玩具分批次上架吗,这样可以照顾不同时区的玩家,且一天发售几次这种想法吗(例如一次10只,一天2次,共20只)?还是说一口气发售完他们在同样的时间每一次(一次20只,发售一次,共20只)?

A: 这便我目前面临的困难!首先,得考虑时个因素,其次一些家伙他然下了但没有付款因某些原因,这会导致一些真正想买的玩家买不到玩具。我正在考虑这些因素以便找到解决的办法,我想要的是真正的玩家可以买到玩具,但这一切没这么简单。谁有解决的好办法可以告诉我们3A,欢迎!像我上一期提到过的,举AK系列为例,我可以估算出玩偶的大概需求量,我们并不是试图建立市场(意指卖多卖少无所谓),而是照顾那些真正支持我们的玩家。假如说我们只做了500只玩偶,再假设这个数据就是平时的发售量,所以500只就是市场的需求量,但一些贱人(倒爷)会买入这其中的一部分,导致一些玩家因为买不到而变得失落(这太糟糕了对玩家来说)。我们意识到了这一切,我们也希望能改变这一切并给玩家更快的发放玩具,但“改变”是一个痛苦的过程在一开始,但我们会尝试并努力把这体验做到最好。现在,在你开口骂3A之前,思考一下我将会做的,我没有试图卖越多越好的玩具的,而是试图在合理的时间内(1-2周让玩家拿到玩具)交出高质量的pre-made的玩具。我们希望这种消费体验会和以往不同且充满乐趣,不像其他玩具厂商那样无聊。我不是个会做生意的人,否则你们看到的会个是挂满pre-order的官网。对于我来说,其他厂家那一套是非常无聊的,也和我想做的背道而驰。我的做法可能并不合理。我自视为艺术家,并不是什么赚钱或善于营销的机器。如果这样的话,结果只会无聊到爆且充满了泪水!我为什么要选择一条没有挑战的路去走呢?我希望能给你们一些东西,一些让我疯狂让我热衷的东西,妈的,我相信我所说的这一切!所以没错,我们会采取提前制作好的pre-made玩具,也会有缩短等待周期的预售pre-order玩具!让我们拭目以待看看结果如何,我的重心是给你们带来有意思的玩具,刺激的玩具,与众不同的玩具!我们始终可以随着新计划的进展来一直完善它(新的发售模式),这就是3A的冒险旅程!

Q: Can you tell us please who is the first up in the Transformers line? Will it be from the Bay Universe or classic? Thank you, I’m dying to hear!!!!  

A: Well it's Bumblebee and he should be a December sale, this is really Kim’s side of 3A and he should talk about it, though I will say they are pretty amazing, remind of our Real Steel toys.

Q: 能告诉第一款变形金刚系列发售的角色会是谁吗?他会不同于电影版本或者动画片版本吗?感谢!我好期待回复!!!

A: 第一款会是大黄蜂噢!无大碍的他会在12售,划一般都是峰哥制定,你们应该问问他!我不得不说这些我们设计制作的变形金刚非常出色,让我想起了我们之前制作的铁甲钢拳系列玩具!

( *上次有人透露过3A第一款TF大黄蜂是电影版的)

Q: Will you be attending Supernova Adelaide later this month? Ifnot, any plans for the future events in Australia?  
A: Wasn’t asked, guess I’mpersona non grata at Supanova…. I really enjoyed Adelaide last year, hangingwith Joe Casey, meeting you guys, super cool, guess I’m not sexy enough comicguy.. slumps in chair and tries to draw Wolverine hoping for phone to ring..

Q: 你会出席本月的Supernova Adelaide(漫展)吗?如果不,未来有没有什么活动会在澳洲展开?

A:没人邀我,我在Supernova並不受歡迎。。。我很享受去年的Adelaide展会,我跟Joe Casey(美国漫画家)玩的很开心,遇到了你们大家,太酷了!我猜我不是个足够性感的漫画人,静静的坐在椅子上一动不动,对着桌子试图画个金刚狼出来的时候还期待着电话能响。。。


Q: Is there a way to get a physical LOOKBOOK from you guys in the future? Would love to buy one!

A: Well I hope to publish a book of them one day, I think Brent does a wonderful job with them, you know what would be great, if a toy that has a look book gets a proper copy.. maybe I will see if this is possible!

Q: 以后有没有机会可以得到实物版本的LOOKBOOK啊?我会很想买一本!

A: 我希望能出版么一本在以后,我认为BrentLOOKBOOK上干的非常漂亮!你知道什么称得上是力的,如果一个玩具配着一本精美印刷的LOOKBOOK。。。我会试试看这想法是否能行的通!


Q: Will you be interested in ever doing Kang the Conqueror figure?
A: Love Kang, love all the classic villains, I don’t see why not, I would buy him! Actually I guess it'sup to Marvel, some IP is off limits or they have plans for it, I will ask!

Q: 請問你有興趣製造Kang the Conqueror(征服者康)的玩具嗎?


Q: After I POed 3AGO Hemingway I tracked down the full set of Automatic Kafka comics at one of my local comic shops, reading now for the firsttime and loving the fuck out of it, so great! Any chance we will see moremembers of the $tranger$ in the next wave of 3AGO? Would be awesome to have afig of The Constitution of the United States!

A: Wha, no connection , different, Hemmingway is another bot inthe tradition of fine writers, would love to do an origin of Hemmingway withJoe Casey. Funny thing, when me and Joe did Auto Kaf, the general mood was fuckyou, its shit, and it was for all purposes a flop in sales and a stain on thehaughty comics scene, though I thought it was some of our best work, I alwayssay it’s my Watchmen, hoping to seem cool, but it really is a good comic andcan be read on many levels, Joe really gave me great stuff to work with withthat series…DC PLEASE REPRINT THE BOOK, I'LL DO A COVER FOR FREE C'MON GUYS,GIVE A K A SECOND GO….. isn’t there a website where you can petition or sum in,now getting A K back into print is a worthy cause…. Baby bombs my friends, babybombs!

Q: 在我预定完3AGO海明威之后,我在附近漫画店找到了一套完整的卡夫卡漫画,这漫画太TM好看了!有没有机会见到3AGO系列推出更多The $tranger(一只超人英雄小队)的成员?如果能推出The Constitution of the United States(前小队成员,后来成为了Porn Star)就太棒了!

A: 卡夫卡和海明威(這兩個故事)没有任何系的,是不同的,海明威是另一名出色作家笔下的机器人,我很希望可以和Joe Casey(前文提到和Ash去年参加漫展的美国漫画家)一起推出海明威的漫画故事。有意思的是,当初我和Joe一起制作卡夫卡漫画的候,人都去你妹的,是垃圾,因为种种原因漫画的很不好,不我仍然认为这是我最棒的作品!DC重新出版吧!我会免做封的!拜託位!卡夫卡个第二個的机会吧!有没有什么類似請願的网站可以用的啊?重新卡夫卡和大家见面是值得一做的,因为。。。现在有婴儿诞生潮啊,诞生潮啊!(出版物大量湧出的狀況)


Q: Is William Best planned for a 2015 pre-order or maybe somesort of surprise release later this year?

A: Well soon as I can, Mars wants his boss around!

Q: 威廉·贝斯特(WBR系列中制作WBR的WilliamBest,World Best Robot的名字就是从他的姓氏来的)是计划在2015年推出吗?还是会成为今年的惊喜发售?
A: 会尽快的,Mars可是很想陪伴他的boss左右呢

Q: I been checking tentativeBamba sales schedule and was curious about TK Hunter price? Is there some sortof estimated you can share?

A: Well the TK hunter istaking longer than thought as it's quite a feet to make a large articulatedrobot toy, price won’t be known until close to the sale when all costs areknown. Soon as I have a candidate I will let you guys know more!

Q: 我查看了官网的预发售日期表,我很好奇TK Hunter的价格?可以估计个大概吗?
A: TK Hunter比我想象的在制作上花了更久的时间,所以价格要等到所有的相关用都算好后才能告大家。一旦我有进步一步的信息了我会和大家分享!


Q: Is the Deimos DIV/Faction colorway no longer beingused?  I know its a very small team of bots that occupy the little moon but I have always been curious if there is any plan on continuing this faction?  I am familiar with the 1/12 Caesar that was a Deimos II factionwhich does add some question did they change once they were liberated?  Ionly own the small number of bots that was produced for Deimos and would alwayslove to collect more.  
A: I like Deimos, don’tcount them out !

Q: Deimons DIV(火卫2部队,主题是蓝绿色)配色是不会再出现了吗?我知道这是一小部分占领卫星的机器人配色,但是我很好奇这个派系还会不会有后续出现?当我发现了1/12小凯撒有Dimons II(火卫2-II,零售凯撒里面绿黄那只)这个配色后,我便有了新的疑问,解散之后他们是不是发生了什么变化?我只有一小部分机器人是Deimos的配色,我还想收集到更多!

A: 我喜欢这配色!不会不考虑这配色的!

Q: How do you come up with Adventure Kartel characters? Do youremember the moment you came up with Tommy Mission, Cherry Bomb or Handsome Wu?
A: I just have laugh andthink what I always want to see in comics or cartoons, normally I have a name,then work backwards. I like to take what is seen as pretty normal clothes or alook, and just twist or add to it etc.  AK is me not be concerned withlogic, or having any rules. I find many are years old, small sketches or ideasthat just resurface etc.

Q: 你是如何构思出AK系列的角色的?你还记得那些你构思出托米,樱桃炸弹,和吴英俊的瞬间吗?

A: 我就是很愉悦的就把他们设计出来了,通常都是先想他在漫画里出会是什么子,一般都会先命名,然后反着往回推着完善个人设过程。我喜用一些比正常的衣服,然后改它或者直接给角色加上。在构思和设计上,AK系列对我来说不需要存在逻辑或被任何因素所束缚。我翻出来了多年以前画的很多小线稿和速写,都让我眼前一亮又!

Q: What’s the situation on the Iron Panda and WF supersets? Willwe see them offered this year or they are slipping into next and going to bepre-made? As it’s a big set, some notification well in advance would be muchappreciated to make sure funds are set aside.
A: Well we want to ship Wuand Co first, we have the Little Shadow Panda soon!

Q: WWR系列铁熊猫配色和WF(丛林)的大套装都去哪了?会在今年发售还是会等到明年以(预先制作)pre-made的形式发售?像这种级别的大套装,如果能在发售之前提前通知一下玩家们那将会棒极了,我们需要留一部分预算给他们。

A: 我想先Wu和Co派送给玩家们。我们还有小影子熊猫会在近期发售噢!


Q: Are youplanning to make a TK print in which we can follow and enjoy the story? I'm abig fan and it's impossible for us to get the whole story so far. The verylittle Intel you give us with the toys is not enough and I would love more!

A: You're not supposed to have all the story, you can continueyour own story, different threads and universes, or wait as I tell mine. Idon’t see storytelling as a simple one-way street, the story of TK isn’t simplenor the way I’m telling it, the toys themselves have much to say, without mewriting a word of story for them.

Q: 你会发售TK故事的印制品吗(例如漫画)?我是TK系列的粉丝,但是到目前为止故事都串不到一起。我希望能知道更多关于TK的故事,那些目前通过玩具所知道的剧情实在太少了!
A: 你们不会获得全部关于TK的故事的,你们可以展开(YY)自己的TK故事,不同的故事线索,不同的世界观,或者耐心等待,等待我分享我自己的那份TK故事。我并不认为故事线会很单一,TK的故事既不是简单乏味的,也不是以我的叙事方式来展开的,TK玩具本身就有很多话可以讲,我不需要动一笔一纸来描述他们。

Q: The new ball joint on 3AGO Bertie, which you shared on yourInstagram looks great! Is it possible to confirm if the new 1/6 versions willalso have them?
A: Yes I have right here,working on colorways now for the 1/6th which is on sale in December, Decemberis WWR month at 3A!

Q: 你在Instagram上分享了3AGO系列新的球形关节Bertie,太酷了他看起来!可不可以确定1/6版本也会同样推出这款新的Bertie?

A: 1/6本就在我旁放着呢,我正在研究配色问题。12月会发售,12月,3A的12月是WWR月!

Q: After seeing how great the 3AGO Bertie is, any chance of aZvRvA 3AGO box set with Warbot, a Zomb and Amazon?  3AA version could comewith a merman as well!  
A: I think so!

Q: 在看到3AGO的Bertie这么帅之后,以后我们有没有机会可以见到ZvRvA的3AGO套装(殭屍vs機器人,包含战争机器人,僵尸,和亚马逊女战士)?3AA版本的套装还可以有传说中的男性人鱼!!!

A: 得可以!

(ZvR的漫畫是由Ash參與繪畫及編劇的,IDW計畫在2015年1月中旬出版一本合集,440頁,有興趣的可以查看這裏:Amazon ZvR

Q: Several months ago you had mentioned that the Downside wasone of the craziest looking characters in the AK universe. Any plans to makehim in 2015? Also, is Public Opinion coming in 2015?  I'm looking forwardto him and the Spank!  We need some villains.

A: They are all on the go,but other priorities arise, I get into other stuff, then change course back.Sometime when a natural break happens in the process you just move on andalmost forget them, then rediscover and get it done in no time. Its a weirdprocess how I do it, some stuff sits fully designed on my desk for months tillI scan and start the sculpt, dunno why, I just go with it!

Q: 几个月前你提到过在AK世界观里Downside会是一位看起来疯癫的角色。有没有在2015年制作他的计划?还有,非会员可以购买吗在2015年?我很期待Downside和Spank!在AK的故事里,我们现在需要一些反派!

A: 都会售,但有些角色会先开。通常我会先忙一下其他的事情,再返回头继续件事情。我比随性,有的候会连轴转的干,有的候会也不干!我工作的这个过程很诡异,有些已经设计完成的东西在我桌子几个月直到我过目才开始制作,我也不知道为什么,我就是这个风格。         

Q: Ever since you mentioned that Tommy On the Run was wieldingmagical weapons I've been intrigued, what sort of magic weapons will Tommy becoming with? Any hints? Swords? Daggers? Axes? Perhaps a magical baseball bat?Or an enchanted machine gun? Please do tell!
A: You will see, still playing around with ideas, but I want some absurd as swell as cool!

Q: 你提到过“跑路版本托米”会有一件手持的魔法武器,我被这创意深深迷住了!托米会用附带什么样的武器呢?有没有什么暗示?宝剑?匕首?战斧?难道是带有魔法的棒球棒?或者施有魔法的机关枪?请告诉我们吧!

A: 你会到的,我们还没有最后确定下会是什么配件,我想要的足够荒诞的配件!


Q: Dear Ashley, thanks for your art. But packaging is worthrevising. My husband keeps ALL the boxes because they are beautiful. May beyou'll switch to ordinary boxes or "bags" and include a posterinside? We are now thinking about where to put the future boxes, as my husbandis awaiting 3 orders. Oh my.
A: Indeed, I can concur withyour issue, but for every toy we make it could be someone's first 3A toy and wewant to give as best a box as we can! I say build a space fortress with themall, eat ice cream with your husband in it, I can promise you will both smile!

A: 亲爱的阿什利,感谢你的艺术创作。但是包装值得回炉重做。因为非常好看,所以我丈夫保存着所有的玩具包装盒。也许你可以考虑下换成简单的盒子,或者装有海报的“袋子”也可以?我们正在考虑把之后的玩具盒子摆放在哪,因为我丈夫还在等3个订单。天那。

A: 说实话,我可以同意你的请求,但每一款我们的玩具都有可能是一些玩家的第一款3A玩具,我们希望可以提供最棒的封绘和包装盒(最棒的体验)。我说可以用这些盒子造一个太空堡垒了,然后和你丈夫在里面吃着冰激凌,我可以向你保证你们俩都会笑的!


Q: I am trying to come upwith funds to buy all three Doctor Doom editions. Can you please tell me whenthe sale is going to end or post announcement 48 hours prior? Do you have moreDoom editions in mind?

A: I am leaving up as longwe can, though as of this writing they will probably come down on Monday 10th.

Q: 我正尝试凑钱买全部三个款式的毁灭博士 。你可以告诉我什么时候他们会下架吗?你有没有构思出其他版本的Doom?

A: 会在周一十号下架(已10号下架)。



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