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January 25, 2015 in QandA

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Welcome to latest Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood! You can find in this one: WWR Warbot in 1/6th scale; 3A ParadeEVENFALLMarvel – Punisher2000AD; Donker1:1 Kitties statues and much more!

欢迎回到本期Q&A。本期会涉及到WWR 1/6 Warbot,3AParade, EVENFALL, Marvel 惩罚者, 2000AD系列, 南非说唱乐队Donker的人偶, 1:1猫雕塑等。

Here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting atWorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3Atwitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for keep sending your questions and for your continuous interest in seeing these Q&A on the blog again!

在我們開始之前,你可以通過郵件聯繫我(gimbat@threeAonline.com)來發送您原創的感興趣的問題;或者通過3A的官方論壇的Ask thread ,也可以WorldOf3A Facebook的官方頁面,或者在Twitter上通過@WorldOf3A ,在您提交問題之後,您的問題可能在之後得到回答(因為我們不可能回答每個問題)。謝謝您的關注。

Q: Really excited about a ZvR headered 1/6 Warbot! Can you tell us about what accessories it'll come with?

A: Guns and starfish for now, Warbot travels light!

Q: 很激动啊终于要出1/6的ZVR的Warbot(骷髅脸的Bertie)拉!可以告诉我们有什么配件吗这款?

A: 目前有枪啊和海星,Warbot(骷髅脸的Bertie)轻装上阵!

Q: Will the 3A Parade line continue? And what might be the next release?

A: Yes, Me and friends… er I mean SIU, we are on it! (Hi Greg ) Next release is the SEA FIGHT SET with ol' Apple Hair and co, Faust and Garland are set to enter the EURODEATH SONG CONTEST! PARADE WAS A HIGHLIGHT OF 2014, me and Siu have many plans for more Parade!

Q: 3A的Parade/苹果/时装系列产品线还会继续吗?下一款会发售什么啊?

A: 当然会继续!我和我的朋友们。。我是说Siuyin,我们正在制作接下来的产品呢!(海,Greg)下一款发售的是带有Ol’ Apple Hair(10寸苹果妹)的SEA FIGHT套装,Faust和Garland则会进入欧罗巴死曲竞赛!Parade是去年的诚意之作,我和Siuyin有着很多计划对这个系列,还会继续推出!

Q: Will you ever release the Mr. 71 figure in another scale? 1/12 or 3ago perhaps? Maybe a little corona bottle accessory yo!

A: Mm I think we have had about enough of that Kunt-sler… BUT a 1/12th in a bottle would be cool...


A: 嗯,我想那个Kuntsler已经足够了(可能指的是Ash对Mr 71的12寸比例比较满意)。。。但是一个在瓶子里的1/12玩具貌似是个好主意。。。


Q: Curious what is happening on Kuntsler meetings? Are you working on some sort of short movie or animation by any chance?

A: Bunch of Kunts-slers talking about death, destruction, night eating day and sour dough. Pretty standard stuff.

Q: 我很好奇你们这群Kunt-sler(艺术家)碰头聚会都聊了什么?你是正在忙短片电影吗,有没有任何机会你可以做个动画?


Q: We recently found out that TKs are cloned on a home planet, called Jomon. Are TQ's also made there, or do they have their own home world?

A: TQ’s are from another world!

Q: 我们最近发现TK们是在被称作Jomon的母星上被克隆出来的。那么TQ也是在Jomon星求上克隆出来的吗?还是她们有自己的故乡?

A: TQ 们是来自另一个星球!

Q: Will we get more info concerning the NOM please? I was curious as to the meaning of the 9 dot symbol, 3 dot symbol, and triquetra as seen in the membership pack this year. Any reason why you chose those symbols to represent NOM?

A: The dots represent the corp’s, the trinity symbols embodies the main doctrine of the NOM, which is balance, the trinity represents MIND, SPIRIT and BODY.


A: 这些点状代表着主体,而三位一体的标志体现出了NOM的最主要教义—平衡。三位一体分别指的是思想,灵魂,和肉体!

Q: A little over a year ago you mentioned a third and final Blind Cowboy set. I think you said Undead Blind Cowboy if my memory serves. Will there be a possibility that he may come to light in 2015 or is that maybe a future plan.

A: I want to, not sure if there is a market, really hard to know these things, the design is there… you guys want this?

Q: 一年前你提到过还会再有另一個版本的盲眼牛仔套装計畫发售。如果我没记错你说的名字是叫做不死盲眼牛仔!有没有在2015年发售的计划,还是说要继续等?

A: 我也希望可以发售,但是不确定是否还有市场,这些东西很难讲,设计已经都搞定了,你们还有爱吗?

Q: You mentioned a new Adventure Kartel Sunday 4-pack a short while ago. I was wondering if the 4-pack will be the same characters as the Saturday Adventure (Tommy, Little Shadow, Zombot, Zomb) or we might see a change in the lineup. (Johan perhaps?)

A: The new set has Tommy, Shadow, JOHAN Safari Fuck Star, and a Zomb Merc called Minzi. Coming soon to 3AA members!


A: 新套装会分别是托米,小影子,Johan Safari Fuck Star(约翰·游猎·日星者),和一位叫做Minzi的僵尸雇佣兵,3AA会员限定噢!

Q: Will the next WWR EVOL Dirty Deeds Bertie MK2 be a small arms engine ver? Any idea as to when that will go on sale? I imagine getting another in while hatchery are making the Civic and DD Berties would be good? Any chance one of the new DD's will have a stork eye and poncho?

A: Small engine, soon as we have a sample, so you guys have a good idea of the final, I hate to use art, but it was what it was, love you for backing me up. Mid to late Feb for second Dirty! mmm maybe a poncho, if we can make it cool looking, not so easy!

Q: 下一款发售的WWR EVOL 肮脏小队MK2会是小胳膊工程师版本吗?有关于这款的想法了吗?我设想如果入手另一只同时工厂正在制作Civic和DD版本那将会刚刚好? 新的DD会配上鹳眼和斗篷吗?

A: 小引擎背包版本很快就会出样品了,所以你们已经有了一个成品的大概模样了,我讨厌用艺术这个词,但这就是艺术本身,很高兴你们能支持我。二月中下旬会卖第二只肮脏小队成员。也许会有个斗篷如果搭配起来很酷,这并不容易做到!

Q: Is jungle prophet Rothchild the same as Evol Roth or does he change his look as jungle prophet? Such as –  beard, rusty robo arm and cammy poncho? No longer as clean cut?

A: Nope, the names like Jungle Prophet are given by others, Roth is crazy, but he ain’t mad.


A: 不是的,丛林先知这个名字是别人给他起的,洛查他虽然很疯狂,但并不癫狂!

Q: I'm very excited for the new coming characters and situations from WOIP. I wanted to save up for that! Can you please tell us more information on that and what’s next (eg, how many female/male)? Thank you.

A: We have Bambi soon, ISO’s greatest nemesis and competition. Then French the first male character in the series for new characters. We also have SCI-SPY ISO 2 pack, and bits and pieces. We have a CNY MIYU for 3AA members soon too. ISO is a pillar of ThreeA, so expect much this year!


A: 官网很快会发售ISO的最最最最最大的死敌。然后会是法国人,第一款本系列的男性角色!我们还会推出高科技间谍ISO 2人组,还有些零零星星的发售。我们还为3AA会员准备了中国新年版本的MIYU。ISO是我们3A的灵魂3A的根基,超级期待今年!

Q: Ash any updates on Die Antwoord Donker figures? Will we see them this year and when first teaser might go up?

A: Early March, rats rule as they say!

Q: 有没有Die Antwoord Donker人偶的信息?今年会发售吗?有没有谍照官图啥的啊?(之前说的南非的两人组乐队)

A: 三月初就会问世,如他们所说的一样,价格说的算!

Q: Are you still interested in doing the art (and not only the covers) for a writer's comic series or are those days long gone?

A: Long gone, my time is only for ideas or TP. Not enough time to do it all, so I pick my words.. A nyway never get offered Batman…sigh.

Q: 你还有兴趣继续为别的作者画漫画吗?还是说这样的日子早已经一去不复返了?

A: 一去不复返了,现在的我只花时间在想法和TP上。并没有足够的时间去做全部的工作,所以我很谨慎。言而总之,从没有人找过画画诶。蝙蝠侠,叹气!

Q: Getting excited about the Girl Neptune and Blind Nabler sets that should be coming around soon. What do you think the likelihood is, of seeing the Miss and Mrs. set in 2015?

A: If I can make it great and compelling without showing their faces etc. be a fun set, need to print the second book too!

Q: 对于估计最近会发货的Girl Neptune+Blind Nabler(海王星小姐)套装我很兴奋!你怎么看待Miss和Mrs套装在年内推出的可能性?

A: 如果不用露他们的脸我就能把Miss和Mrs套装做的非常给力的话(我就推出)!这是个有趣的套装,也需要印刷第二部书了!

Q: Ash, I really crave for Bramble in 1/6th scale, any chance of it happening? I know that many are feeling the same. Some new weapons would be Über-cooll! And perhaps new armor plates, like on WWRp Cavalry Bramble version?

A: You are in luck it’s coming!

Q:A俊,我超级渴望1/6的Bramble MK3(布兰伯/大胖MK3)诶,有没有机会发售?我知道很多人会和我有一样的想法的!还有来些新武器吧,那就究极酷了!然后有没有可能会有新的装甲板在身上,就像今年日本WF展会的Cavalry Bramble(骑兵小胖)那样的?

A: 少年,你很幸运,马上就来拉!

Q: Hey Ash can we please get Hemingway in 1/6 and 1/12? Please!

A: 1/6th would be great.. Ok you twisted my arm!

Q: 嘿A俊,能不能把海明威1/6和1/12化啊?Please!


Q: WWRp Cavalry Bramble is beautiful, do you have plans for Bambaland version or other WWRp Brambles at Bamba in general?  

A: Thinking on it regarding a Bamba version, have to say getting the WWRp version was great, still a great figure, so much character, expect more!

Q: WWRp Cavalry Bramble很赞,有没有在官网推出这款的打算,或者其他款式的Bramble?

A: 会考虑推出一款官网版本,推出一些列其他配色的WWRp会很出彩!期待!

Q: I love 1:1 Eddy the Cat, absolutely amazing! Do you have plans to make more and put them up for Bamba?

A: There will be a limited selection offered sometime soon, different colours though, representing cats I have had or have known!


A: 会在最近有选择性的限量发售,不同的颜色会是,分别代表着我曾经养过的猫和我认识的猫咪们!

Q: Will the long awaited WF Armstrong see any design changes or new weapon? Are Armstrongs prevalent in EVOL and SOTF? Will you ever do a new version of the Armstrong, like MK2? 

A: Still looking for it….

Q:让我们苦等的WF Armstrong(之前Ash提到的丛林阿姆)会有新的设计改动以及新武器吗?还有Armstrong还会依然被广泛使用吗在EVOL和SOTF篇章中?你会做一款新版本的Armstrong吗,就像MK2那样?

A: 我还在一种寻找中。。。

Q: Myself and some of the other WWR fans have noticed some of the recent bots have been a little less grimy and are worried this is a continuing trend.  Is this just happenstance with the nature of recent releases or has the era of ha bots ended?  

A: Some are filthier than others, depending on the corp and locale. No trends at 3A, just the way some are!

Q: 我本人和其他一些WWR粉丝察觉到近期出品的机器人都少了些许的金属做旧,我们很担心这将会是一种将会持续下去的趋势。这是因为最近发售的机器人在设计本身上就这样,还是说机体带有丰富做旧的时代已经一去不复返了?

A: 一些机体会比其他的肮脏,这取决于机体的公司还有他们活动的地理位置。在3A没有趋势,一些机体本身就这样!

Q: Are you a fan of the Punisher? Will Frank be making an appearance in the Marvel line?

A: Yup! This year.

Q: 你是惩罚者的粉丝吗?他会在你的Marvel系列中登场吗?

A: 会的!今年!

Q: Are there any plans regarding WWR supersets this year? Could we please have the date in advance, so we could save some funds and support it?

A: We have them figured, just need to figure out the dates, we are going to start giving the coming month in advance starting in the next newsletter, anymore than a month ahead and too much can change at 3A!



Q: Hey Ash! Which is the strongest and most powerful TK? And which one is your favorite?

A: EMPEROR TK, sword only had one strike in it, but what a strike, cut a planet in half or make waves felt in Heaven and Hell!

Q: 嘿,Ash! 最有力量最有权力的TK是哪位啊?哪个TK是你的最爱?

A: 是TK帝王,他一击便可以斩开一颗星球,便可以弄的天翻地覆!

Q: In regard to Evenfall: Can you give a hint as to what we will see in terms of other aliens and their looks? Will there be different kinds of robots to fight different kinds of aliens?

A: I have ideas for many, but have to move slow, the first alien release was very limited in ordering, but now it's out there, there is more interest and as mentioned, we will release a remix version next month, then the THUG robot, then a TOTEM Swat, and see where we are at after that, I have loads of ideas for this series!


A: 我有很多想法,但是不得不放慢步伐,因为第一款外星人的销量不乐观(扯着裆了),但现在显示大家有了兴趣都,我们会在下个月发售混合版本,然后就是THUG 机体,然后是TOTEM特战队!之后让我看看这个系列的进展和处境再定夺接下来的计划!我对Evenfall系列有好多好多好多想法!

Q: Hi guys! Judge Death looks awesome and looking forward to 2000AD figures! My question is do you have any plans on making Rogue Trooper in 1/12? That will be sweet! Any chance of seeing Hammerstein and Joe Pineapples this year?

A: It will come down to how much support there is for the line, if the support continues we would like to make them all! Would love to make the Gronk for SDCC.. too cool

Q:嘿大伙!死亡法官看起来屌爆拉,我期待更多的2000AD系列角色!我的问题是你有没有计划推出1/12的Rogue Trooper?如果推出的话那太贴心了就!今年年内有没有机会能看到Hammerstein和Pineapple发售?

A: 这取决于多少人支持这个系列!如果大家都支持这个系列,我们会制作全部的角色!我会很乐意为SDCC制作一款Gronk,太酷拉!

Q: Can we please have a teaser for what is in the next wave of the retail AP line?

A: I wish the interest in AP translated into sales :) but we have AK series 2, WWR and some TK’s for Bamba and retail!


A: 我希望玩家们对AP(1/12比例玩具)的热爱可以转化为销量:) 但是我们有AK系列第二波,WWR,以及一些TK会通过官网以及零售商发售!

Q: Ash, two-sided question: Nabler's drooly smiles are so iconic. Is there a reason why Nabler Guys didn't feature this smile? only straight mouth and frowns... And may we have a Wave 2 in 2015, this time with drooly smiles, maybe a 2-pack with one of those pretty ladies they like to hump.

A: Coz that's the way he was feeling, BUT he is feeling better, and had allowed us to offer a new series soon, with a smile… which is the scariest NAB GUY of the all! I think a Lady is needed to kick them all in their asses!


A: 只有平嘴和皱眉表情是因为那是他当时的感受,但是现在他感觉好多了,第二波也很快就要来袭了,配备笑脸。。。这将会是所有的力巴仔里最最最最可怕的一款!我认为女士很有必要修理他们一番!

Q: Will the Caesar that comes with Evol Rothchild (Battlechild) be rusted and dirty or clean and slick?

A: Dirty, it's a field bot!

Q: EVOL Rothchild的机器人凯撒会是布满锈迹,还是干净涂装的?

A: 会满身污迹,他可是战地机器人!

Q: Do you have another WWR book lined up for 2015? And if you don’t mind, couple you please tell what books you and T.P work at the moment?

A: Well Beautiful War will arrive soon, then we have GREAT THINGS OF OUR TIMES later on. We are also dabbling in a Pascha strip too.

Q: 2015年会有新的WWR书籍上架吗?如果你不介意,可以告诉我你和T.P正在忙那本书吗?

A: 是这样的,【美丽战争】很快就会发售,然后接着会忙另一本叫做【我们年代的大事件】的书。还有,我们也正在涉足制作Pascha的连环画(在杂志上)。

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