新聞通訊#8 - H3ADLINES - 2015年05月05日

翻譯:春卷 14


The last couple of weeks have been really busy, with the everyday 3A work to the Thai Toy Expo and Bambaland issues, feels a little calmer today, I’m sure that won’t last!


Firstly, thanks to all that came to the Thai Toy Expo, great to see so many enjoying toys, and of course meeting some of you guys, always a great thing! It’s always great to see so many people making so many great toys. The future of toys seems in good hands! A special Hi to Amanda Visell and Michelle, who made me feel like not the craziest person in the room for once!


Ok, re: Bamabland, the problem is some peeps are doing stuff that pisses our host company up the tree, they ultimately control the service and when actions affect other company’s sites and theirs, they will block IP addresses, or massage traffic. Not much I can do about this except advise against out of the norm way of interacting with Bamba. In the end I see most got what they wanted, and if anyone was getting blocked we will or have fixed that, we take no joy or satisfaction making life shitty to buy our stuff, we want you guys to have a good relationship with Bamba and always are working towards that!


Ultron this week, I have to say, I’m super proud of him, I aggravated many making sure it was how I wanted it, I’m lucky to have very patient pro’s working to help me realize my vision, I would be fucked without them… So yea, 7th of May at Bamba…


Oh yea, Girl R/C posters are shipping separately as the boxes were too small, you will have them soon!

喔對了,Girl R/C的海報時單獨寄出的,因為他們的包裝盒太小了,大家會很快收到海報們的!

Through the shit to the stars




The lifeblood of 3A lies in its stories. We recognize that it’s hard to invest your time, attention, and money into simply a cool design. We want the fans to care, we want you invested as we are invested. In order to rectify this we’ve put a team together to get these stories out there.


Starting this summer 3A Venture will feature comics written by T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood, and illustrated by quite a few names we think the Legion will recognize. Leonard Brizuela aka Brizl will be drawing Adventure Kartel. Matthew Dunn and Dave Baker are taking on Evenfall. Adam Altenderfer aka Cromagnus will be pulling double duty and illustrating Tomorrow Kings and Worlds Best Robots. Ashley Wood will be pulling art chores on The World of Isobelle Pascha!

從這個夏天開始3A Venture(3A 冒險者)將包括漫畫,是由T.P. Louise(Ash的夫人 74)及 Ashley Wood所編劇的漫畫,有很多粉絲都所熟悉的名字的漫畫家們所繪製。Leonard Brizuela(也就是Brizl)將繪製AK的漫畫。Matthew Dunn和Dave Baker將接管Evenfall的繪畫。Adam Altenderfer(ID Cromagnus)將兼顧繪製TK以及WBR的2個系列的漫畫。而Ash將整理WOIP(The World of Isobelle Pascha)系列的創作!



July 8 - July 12 2015 in San Diego, CA




官方網站 www.Comic-Con.org

3A will be enjoying the Southern California sun at the largest pop-culture convention in the world! Ashley Wood, Kim Fung Wong and the 3A crew will be in attendance.




3Ax漫威系列 奧創

On Sale May 7th 2015 at Bambaland

09:00 Hong Kong Time

1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Designed by Ashley Wood



由Ashley Wood設計

Ultron, the sentient A.I. created by Hank Pym, who notoriously rebelled against his creator, causing havoc the world over time and time again. Ashley Wood upgrades the classic villain with a new look featuring plated armor and illuminated details.  

奧創,由Hank Pym創造的科學家A.I,眾所週知他背叛了他的創造者,為世界帶來一次又一次的浩劫。Ashley Wood將這位經典的反派升級為全新的樣貌,包括電鍍裝甲以及可以發光的細節。

Classic, Stealth, and Ghost Editions


  • 13 Inches (33.5cm)Tall


  • Fully Posable including Articulated Fingers and Plated Armor design


  • LED Illuminated Eyes, Mouth, and Chest


  • USD $220


  • Price Includes Free Worldwide Shipping



海狸工業 索耶

May 7th 2015 at Bamabland!09:00 Hong Kong Time

1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Designed by Crystal-Jade Vaughan



由Crystal-Jade Vaughan設計

  • Approximately 12inches (30.48cm) tall


  • Made of ABS & PVC


  • Fully Articulated


  • Detailed Fabric Clothing


  • Accessories include: Calcium Fuel Plug-Ins, Calcium Tray Float, Zipwire Escape Rags

        配件包括: Calcium Fuel Plug-Ins(燃料搶), Calcium Tray Float(化學托盤), Zipwire Escape Rags(逃生繩索套)

  • 售價$140 USD

  • Price includes free Worldwide Shipping! 


3A | ON SALE IN MAY 即将在5月发售的有

Follow The World Of 3A Production Blog For All The Latest Info On Our Upcoming Releases!



  • String Divers | Quantum Rangers - USD $75

        弦潜水员 量子游侠 售价75USD


  • Bravest Warriors | Beth Tezuka - USD $100

        无畏战士 手冢贝斯 售价100USD

  • Bravest Warriors | Chris Kirkman - USD $100

        无畏战士 克里斯=柯克曼 售价100USD


  • Tomorrow Kings | The Last TK - TKLUB Archer - USD $TBD

        TK系列| The Last TK/最后的TK -TKLUB系列Archer/弓箭手 售价待定


  • Metal Gear Solid | RAY half-sized edition - USD $230 

        MGS系列 Ray半尺寸版 售价230USD

Prices include Free Worldwide Shipping.

Prices and Dates are subject to change*




  • Transformers | OPTIMUS PRIME

        变形金刚系列 擎天柱/柯博文

  • Tomorrow Kings | TK HUNTER

        TK系列 TK猎手


        WWR系列 DDv2 第3只

  • 3AGO | Wave Two

        3AGO 第二波发售

  • DESTINY | Titan

        命运/天命 Titan/泰坦

3A | ON SALE NOW 正在官網商店發售
On Sale Now at


Metal Gear Solid | REX Half-Size Edition

    合金装备/潜龙谍影 系列 Rex Half-Size版本

系列 REX 半尺寸版本目前已經在官網商店Bamba發售,售價230USD(含運費),帶燈,改良了頭部可動性,背後及膝蓋艙可開合無須拆卸。 砲長29.45cm,休息態高20.95cm,寬18.68cm。


3A | 2000AD
Sam Slade Robo-Hunter




Talk to your 3A Stockist and Comic Book Shop today about ordering Ashley Wood related books and graphic novels.


你可以聯繫您附近的3A零售商,或者漫畫書局來訂購Ashley Wood的相關圖書及漫畫。來閱讀相關的故事和圖,了解孕育出3A代表性的玩具及角色吧!


僵尸vs机器人 Ongoing #4

Inherit the Earth - Part 4! Space-faring humans have returned to Earth to find it still dead, but crawling with oddly sentient zombies, robots and… Mermen! Finally! Also: Niles and Mayerik continue to help rebuild the mythos in unexpected ways! Cover and center spread by co-creator Ashley Wood! 

地球的继承者-第3辑!逃到太空的人类回到地球来了!他们发觉地球依然死气沉沉,而且爬行着古怪的有着只觉得僵尸,机器人,以及...人鱼!当然还有:Niles及Mayerik继续以未期待的方式重建神话!封面及中心跨页由联合创作者Ashley Wood绘制!

3A | Q+A With Ashley Wood 與Ash的問答

Q: Is there any chance of making the Mobile Kunstler in 1/12th or 1/6th? Design of the suit is fucking awesome! Will we see WWR suits like this?

Ash: That’s a Kuntsler design for now, not related to WWR. I was thinking of making a vinyl of the pair one day though!

Q: 会制作1/12或者1/6的Mobile Kunstler吗今后?这战甲太帅了!WWR系列会推出类似的装甲吗?

A: 这单纯是Kunstler,和WWR系列没有关联。我在思考有一天可能会以搪胶的形式还原他们! 

Q: Any plans for more 1/12th Bertie Mk 3.5 this year? Maybe a box set of colors like the previous ones, but with a variety of battle damaged and regular editions? 

Ash: We have some street battle scene sets coming and a Bertie or two via the GS HOBBY JAPAN 1/12th Shitty 9 Series! The first release from that is a Martian Harold which will be in stores next month, pre-made and ready to go!

Q:今年有推出1/12的Bertie Mk3.5的计划吗?也许可以推出类似之前的配色,但是配有战损和普通两种款式? 

A: GS HOBBY JAPAN将会推出一款配有街头战斗场景的Bertie,1/12的Shitty 9配色呦(即奸笑舍目前正在售卖的哈罗德配色)!第一款发售会是火星阵营的哈罗德,pre-made版本,即买即得!

Q: Just seeing that Saturn preview is awesome. I’ve been eyeballing and from the blur alone does this mean that Saturn is taller than Mars? Or will it be a smaller bot?

Ash: His design makes him taller, but they are similar in size, prototype was at the Thai Toy Expo last week!

Q: Saturn的预告太帅了!从谍照看,是否Saturn比Mars要高?还是说它是一款小款式机器人?

A: Saturn略高一些由于设计,但是他们的大小是类似的,他的原型也在泰展上露面了。

Q: Will you be doing your interpretations of Han Solo or Chewie for Star Wars Alternate? Not as in realistic likenesses, but your styled faces and hands? OR the idea of a 10” Leia is just too cool

Ash: Yup, I’m very lucky to have this opportunity, it’s gonna be fun!

Q: 你会为SWA系列设计你自己风格的韩索隆和楚巴卡吗(大哥勿喷我,还记得浮士德吗)?并不需要很写实,但带有强烈你风格的头雕和手型?没准推出一款10寸的莉亚公主会更酷!

A: 必须的!我非常幸运拥有这种机会,这将会非常有意思!

Q: I want more EVENFALL! Are there Modified THUG suits or different strains of Strigoi? Do the THUG suits have a personality A.I. or do they act as avatars of their Operators? 

Ash: More aliens next, and of course you can read all about how the THUG operate in the upcoming comics for free online or you can buy a monthly or so printed round up of them! There are many THUG suits, well variations, and yes they have personality, the term TOTEM refers to a system, of digital and human combining their minds in a virtual sense, hence the totem, head on a head.

Q: 我希望有更多Evenfall登场!会有升级版的THUG战甲吗?会有不同样子的吸血鬼宇航员吗?THUG有没有自己的人格AI?还是THUG按照他们的驾驶员的意愿行动?

A: 更多的外星人将会登场,当然,你会在接下来的免费网络漫画里了解到THUG战甲是如何操作的!会有很多不同版本的THUG登场,当然,他们有着人格,TOTEM这个简写代表着一种操作系统,一种人机相结合的虚拟操作系统,所以他叫做totem(图腾),一个头上有一个头。

Q: What’s next for HALO? The Jorge proto at SDCC looked fucking beastly!

Ash: Need to ship Master Chief and co first, clear the decks and figure it out, I want the Elite!

Q:下一款HALO会推出什么?在SDCC上展示过的Halo Reach的Jorge看起来太帅拉!

A: 需要先把士官长和其他款式发货,先我希望下一款是Elite/精英!

Q: When working on a licensed line that you get to redesign, how do you pick the characters and line up? Is it chosen by the licensor? If you get to pick, does it simply come down to personal preference or is it an itch you’ve always wanted to scratch? 

Ash:  I pick what I want to do, soon as I’m told, I run away. I’m lucky that the companies we deal with are incredibly gracious and pretty much let me do my thing! Anything that I redesign is only because I have a love for it, the Marvel and DC stuff is integral to me, I’m a comic geek for over 35 years! Star Wars again, I still remember that first day I saw it, I know the change that happened in my mind, Microman the same etc. Contrary to popular belief doing license stuff isn’t a way to print money, for me its a chance to play in park I never thought possible!

Q: 当3A获得版权然后你重新设计这些角色的时候,你是如何决定推出哪款角色的?这是由版权商决定的吗?如果是让你挑选,你会依照你个人的喜好来挑选吗?还是说这很痛苦,你不得不妥协?

A: 我会挑选我喜欢的角色推出,如果我必须听版权商的,老子就不干了。我非常幸运,和我合作的公司都很通情达理也都让我全权负责!我所重新设计和融入我风格的玩具都是因我我有爱对他们,像Marvel和DC的漫画就是我身体的一部分!我是一个有着35岁宅龄的宅男!必须再提到一下星战系列,我依然记着我第一次接触星战的时候,我就知道这改变了我的思维,微星人也是同理,都对我的人生有着举足轻重的影响。和大众的想法恰好相反,得到版权然后制作玩具并不是挣钱的手段对我来收,而是提供给我一次玩票的机会!

Q: The logistics behind making a Weapons Pack seems insane. I know its been long rumored for years, but what are the odds of it finally happening this year? Gun-metal or black/neutral colors could go with any faction. I guess the other question is is the weapons pack meant to be for Grunts or for Bots? 

Ash: I want it, just we are always too taxed to get to it. It’s a true for the fun of it thing, it will lose money, but it’s still worth it just to do it! The only reason anything is delayed is due to lack of man power, whether it be samples or shipping, never because we don’t care, or give a shit, we work 7 days a week to bring you the best we can! I did the box design for the set 3 years ago for the weapons set, maybe we can break with tradition this year and release it!

Q: 制作武器包的背后所需要的人力物力以及设备计划这些似乎总是遥不可及!我知道已经有传言很多年了会推出武器包,但到底是什么阻碍了你们的计划?金属色或者黑色/中立色这些可以和任意色系的玩具所搭配。我猜想其他问题是武器包的所属问题吧?给士兵还是给机器人?

A:  我和你的心情是一样的,但我们有太多太多的事情要做。为了乐趣去做一件事固然是OK的,但这么做可能会赔钱,但始终还是值得去尝试的。唯一的原因导致武器包一直被搁置就是我们缺乏人力,不论是样品制作还是物流运输。永远不会是因为我们不在乎不重视它,为了做到最好,我们工作一周七天!3年前我就设计好了武器包的包装图,也许今年我们需要打破传统,发售武器包!

Q: Seriously though - that Star Wars trailer - thoughts? 

Ash: All great except Solo, looked old and fucked, made me feel old and fucked and that fucking Wookiee looks younger! Fucker is going the DYE! I thought it looked great, shit wish I was making SW films!


A: 除了韩索隆,其他都很满意!他看起来太老太寒碜了,这让我也觉得自己太老太寒碜了,那该死的伍基人看起来又太年轻了!我希望我能是星战导演啊!

Q: Will we see any of the characters age like Roth or some of the TK’s? Does Tommy ever get older and start looking like Merde? Will JC’s beard go grey?

Ash: WWR is being told in a different way, the story is moving at a different pace, the AK world is moving much slower as it’s more a soap opera, where WWR is almost a trilogy of films!

Q: 我们会见到其他角色的年龄类似Roth吗,或者那些TK?Tommy会变老然后看起来想Merde吗?JC的胡须会变的灰白吗?

A: WWR 的故事被以不同的方式所连载呢,整个故事正在以一个不同的速率向前发展,AK的世界观则相对进展的更缓慢一些,因为设定上他更偏向于肥皂剧,WWR的故事可以拍出三部曲拉快!

Q: In regards to the new Shitty9 group, will each toy release through Goodsmile represent a group member of the Shitty9? If this is so, and since you only mentioned six months worth of releases, are the last three members going to be on Bambaland? 

Ash: Each release is a member and yes the 6 releases will cover the 9, the next set is a Dropcloth two pack, so 3 members over two releases! 

Q: 说道新的Shitty 9配色,通过奸笑舍所发售的每一款玩具都代表着一位Shitty 9的成员吗?如果是这样的,基于你先前提到过的发售会持续6个月一共,最后三位成员会在官网发售吗?

A: 每一次发售一位成员,但通过六次发售我们会发售全部的9位成员,下一组会是2P的DC套装,这样做两次发售就涵盖了3位成员了。

Q: Will the Hobby Japan comics be translated and collected in a book at some point?

Ash: I’ll just put them online for free for now, I’m sure they will turn up somewhere, as a point, the Hobby Japan are translated from English, they are ready to go… maybe I should post em!

Q: HOBBY JAPAN 的漫画会被译制并合订成漫画书吗在将来?

A:我刚把他们上传到网络免费供大家阅读现在,我确定这些连载会有朝一日合订成熟,HOBBY JAPAN的漫画是由英文翻译成日文的,所以,这些漫画早就准备好拉!没准我应该上传他们!

Q: If extreme religious rhetoric is the major force running the Earth Coalition, are there any visible signs of it? Any symbol or background information on what exactly it stands for? Is it a cult? Is it a fanciful twist on any real world religion? Like in Marvel comics is there any type of “Hail Hydra” greeting or secret password between people of extreme devotion?

Ash: FUCK MARS is their inner cry, they are like a more forceful United Nations, they are a bunch of powerful nations that have chosen to gang up and make Mars get into line. They represent the old, Mars represents the new. 

Q: 如果极端的宗教言论是地球联盟(EC)运作的主要动力,那么是否有什么视觉标识呢?有什么代表它的标志或者背景讯息告吗?它是一个邪教吗?这个宗教是一个幻想的扭曲产物,还一个真实世界中的宗教?正如漫威漫画里面有那种“Hail Hydra/海德拉万岁”的敬礼或者在这些极端的教徒之间的秘密暗号?

Ash:反火星(Fuck Mars)是他们内心的呐喊,他们更似一个有力的联合国,他们是被选中的几个强大的国家结伙的对付火星的联盟。他们象征着陈旧,火星象征着新生。

Q: Since there are conflicts between different factions of the Earth Coalition over Earth’s treatment of Mars, do the less extreme factions think that Mars should be free to do as it pleases? Is there a sense of a renaissance on Earth in regards to freedom of expression and individual rights that fight against whatever oppressive religious rhetoric rules the Earth? What do the resisting Earth factions think should be done with Mars and the Earth?

Ash: Yes ,there are nations that believe Mars should have free reign and that diplomacy and working together is the right path, these nations are at or on the brink of war with the coalition nations. This part is really the back bone of the WWR title, Earth is falling into war while Mars watches. It’s actually where the cool stuff is happening, inter planetary war is slow and boring, the shit on the ground is where the good stories are!



Q: Are the N.O.Ms agents of chaos or something more? It is said that some of them are truth seekers (the Fallen), so that must mean that Supreme’s plans would be no more good for the human race than whatever extreme religion is currently running the Earth Coalition. The fact that there are fallen N.O.M must mean that there is a way to some truth or good that Supreme, Earth, Mars, and Rothchild don’t represent. Are the N.O.M just in existence to defeat Rothchild? What purpose do the N.O.M serve if not to only advance the agenda of the Supreme’s plans for Trinity? What is Trinity? 

Ash: NOM believe they have the right path for all, the Trinity is a balance of Mind, Spirit and Body. They embrace all aspects of humanity, their leader, the Supreme NOM, represents the Divine Feminine harking back to the dawn of religion before organized church made it a man only affair. The NOM are complicated and do not want anyone but them running the show!

Q:NOM的特工時製造混亂的還是有更多目的的?以前提到過他們其中的一些人是真理的追尋者(the Fallen/墮落者們),所以這一定意味著Supreme(最高指揮官女雙鼻)的計畫比起席捲地球聯盟的極端宗教,對人類來說並不沒有更好。實際上墮落的NOM一定意味著有辦法通向真理,或者是女雙鼻,地球,火星甚至洛查都無法代表的好的一面。NOM的存在是否是為了對抗洛查呢?如果NOM並不是僅僅為了執行女雙鼻對三位一體的任務的話,NOM的目的是什麼呢?三位一體又是什麼呢?

Ash:NOM相信他們的道路是正確的道路,對所有這一切來說都是,三位一體時一個思想、精神及軀體的平衡。他們包容人類所有的方面,他們的領袖,Supreme Nom(最高指揮官 女雙鼻),她代表了神聖的女性,著可以追溯到有宗教的黎明時期,在教堂任務宗教是男性的事務之前的時代。NOM很複雜,他們不希望出他們以外的任何人來操作這個世界舞台!


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